The Deepings

The Inner Wheel Club of The Deepings

Jill Thomas


Our President for year 2017-2018

Vice President: Carole Dyehouse

Secretary: Pam Blades

Treasurer: Liz Harrison

International: Cathy Cavanagh

Correspondent: Barbara Piercy


I was born in Market Deeping and have lived here all my life with my son and my partner.

For nearly fifty of those years I have worked as a hairdresser so there are not many people in The Deepings I don't know.

I joined The Deepings Rotary Club in 2002 and have held various offices, initiating  many projects. 

I have had the honour to serve as president and am still a very active member.

Through my connection with the Rotary Club I joined Inner Wheel of The Deepings Club in 2015 and am looking forward to my year as president.




Club meeting date: On the first Wednesday of every month.

Club meeting place: :

The White Horse

Market Deeping PE6 8AN

7.00pm for 7.30pm


At the moment we are a club of 21 members



About The Deepings

Packhorse Bridge - Deeping Gate

The  Deepings are a series of settlements in the South of Lincolnshire.The adjoining villages and towns are in the Lincolnshire Fens near the river Welland, some eight miles North of Peterborough and ten miles East of Stamford. The area is just North of the Peterborough border. The Deepings include: Deeping St James, Deeping St Nicholas, Market Deeping, West Deeping, Frognall, Stowgate, Hop Pole and Tongue End all within the various civil parishes.

Another village that is included in The Deepings is Deeping Gate, a small hamlet across the River Welland in Cambridgeshire.

The Deepings area is very low lying and gave The Deepings their name, a Saxon name translated as either "deep places or deep lands". The villages are mentioned in the Doomsday book. Deeping Fen lies to the North, and the drainage of it  was an important part of the seventeenth century land reclaimation and is now the responsibility of The Welland and Deeping Internal Drainage Board.


News Letter October 2018


A Visit to The Alpacas

Our club were very lucky on the visit to the Alpacas, although windy it was nice and sunny.

Karen narrated how she had been walking with her twelve-year-old niece with an alpaca and decided she had to have one. After researching what was entailed to own such a pet she discovered it was not wise in owning one,  you had to have two as they are social animals and get lonely. Well the rest is history, John and Karen now have full herd of them and two more on the way.

Visits to the alpacas are beneficial to all sorts of groups, eg; residential homes, childrens homes.

our club certainly enjoyed their visit as yuou can see Josie made a friend for life



Club members with John and  karen. The alpacas not really interested in us as its tea time.



Josie and Frodo


Sally trying to convince Eccles there was no more food left.

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Please help to commemorate our final fallen heroes, they deserve to be remembered.



Cathy’s International Tea – 1st October 2018

Cathy’s helpers arrived at Northborough Village Hall at twelve mid-day as arranged armed with boxes containing all you need to make an afternoon tea. It was amazing how everyone knew what to do and tables were set out with the help of Richard our strong arm man.

By the time the guests arrived everything was in place, tables set, food laid out. Guest greeted and Bucks Fizz served on arrival.

The Tea was a huge success we had as much fun preparing as we did sitting down with our guests.

Our speaker Marian Ewen was very brave as she had lost her husband six weeks’ earlier bur decided she was going to carry on with the charitable work for Three Hills Trust. Marian gave an update on the progress made to build a school and make a village self-sufficient. Since we last saw Marian a cow had been purchased and named Daisy, there is a second cow recently purchased not yet named (watch this space).

A donation was presented to Marian from the club to help her carry on the good works.

Thank you Cathy and helpers for all your good work, the end result was amazing. I heard many comments from guests and members on how much they had enjoyed themselves, also I have had complimentary emails. Well done!



Cathy presenting cheque to Marian with President Jill and Glenys Hasdell


Cathy presenting District I.S. Chairman Glenys Hasdell with a bouquet.



Christine & Pat W


Diary Dates 2018

Thursday 18th October 2018: Spalding I.W. invite you to join them for an International Service Lunch at St Marys Church Hall, Rose Lane, Pinchbeck PE113RN

Speaker will be Wendy Chew on "Hope & Charity"  followed by a special talk by Tracy Vowels.

Cost £12.00 pp -

Time 12.00am for 12.30am


July - August 2018


Strawberry  and Wine Evening



To mark the end of a very enjoyable year, Past President Pat organised a Strawberry & Wine evening in her lovely garden.  Although it was a beautiful June evening, several members were grateful when Pat produced wraps  to keep the chill away.
Games were set out around the garden for members to play,  but most preferred to just sit and chat and enjoy the food and wine.
It was a good evening and a lovely way to end the year. Well done Pat!
It’s been an interesting time  for all six Presidents who took on the joint roll over the last year.  The Deepings Club have shared lots of fun and friendship. We’ve had  a Beaujolais Evening, St George’s night  and a trip to the beautiful Peak District with a canal cruise and afternoon tea.  We have also had some interesting speakers, enjoyable quizzes and a lively xmas party.  Quite a varied year.
On behalf of the “other five” thank you to the Deepings Club for all your support and friendship throughout the year.

Past Presidents, Pat, Anne, Liz, Margaret, Christine and Josie.



 July Meeting 2018

The Deepings Club was founded forty three years ago and our remaning founder member Anne decided after forty years to start the chain again.

Anne with the help of Pat D organised for the badges to be removed and mounted in a frame for display at meetings and other occasions .

As our remaining founder member it was decide to give Anne honoury status for a year.

Above our six Presidents for the year 2017/2018. Liz, Josie, Pat D, Anne, Christine & Margaret.


Petanque Evening

Deepings – Bourne – Spalding

To finish the year 2017/2018 and start year 2018/2019

Once again the three clubs challenged each other at Bourne Abbots Petanque Club. The Petanque Club members greeted Inner Wheel members once again very warmly, with food and drink.

After introductions the members were given a briefing on the rules and off we went. It was as always a very fun evening, all of us wanting to win. Eventually when all scores were totalled the triumphant team was Spalding, however our Anne and Sally had the highest individual score and were awarded a prize.

The evening didn’t end there, we all then met up for a meal at The Sugar Mill in Bourne and very nice it was too.