The Deepings


Christine Tindall

Our President for year 2016-2017

Secretary: Pam Blades

Treasurer: Elaine Wiggins

International: Cathy Cavanagh

Correspondent: Barbara Piercy


Club meeting date: On the first Wednesday of every month.

Club meeting place: :

The White Horse

Market Deeping PE6 8AN

7.00pm for 7.30pm


At the moment we are a club of 22 members


"The Deepings"

The  Deepings are a series of settlements in the South of Lincolnshire.The adjoining villages and towns are in the Lincolnshire Fens near the river Welland, some eight miles North of Peterborough and ten miles East of Stamford. The area is just North of the Peterborough border. The Deepings include: Deeping St James, Deeping St Nicholas, Market Deeping, West Deeping, Frognall, Stowgate, Hop Pole and Tongue End all within the various civil parishes.

Another village that is included in The Deepings is Deeping Gate, a small hamlet across the River Welland in Cambridgeshire.

The Deepings area is very low lying and gave The Deepings their name, a Saxon name translated as either "deep places or deep lands". The villages are mentioned in the Doomsday book. Deeping Fen lies to the North, and the drainage of it  was an important part of the seventeenth century land reclaimation and is now the responsibility of The Welland and Deeping Internal Drainage Board.


President  Christine: May

April certainly 'showered' in well. Our meeting was 'awash' with cards and it seemed to 'rain' down with humour!

Well enough April Shower puns. Another good meeting with friendship and fellowship which is what we are all about.

I have been on holiday since the meeting and was able to go because my Mum is now doing brilliantly. She was up and walking the day after her operaton for a new hip, just like Barbara was. She has no pain and apart from seeing the line of stitches where she doesn't believe she has had a new hip! She was assessed by the Consultant Physician one afternoon when I was visiting and he said to me 'I bet you hope you have inherited her genes?!.

The International Tea was a super event. Such delicate sandwiches (no crusts so had to eat more!!) and tiny tarts with fresh fruit toppings. Scones and cakes of every description except 'carrot cake'  and as you probably know I have a real problem eating that. I mean if I want vegetables I have them with meat but if I'm  having cake then I want cream and sugar and chocolate and icing in any combination, or even all together!! Thanks need to go to  'International Cathy' and every member who helped and contributed in any way.

Pam and I will not be at the next meetingas we are away on holiday, but not together. we leave you in the most capable hands of Barbara and Anne. If they give you any trouble just let us know.. See you all in June.

President Christine


International Afternoon Tea

How lovely it was to attend our International Tea, resurrected after a few lapsed years. It all came together after a lot of preparation by our International Officer Cathy.

The whole afternoon was a great sucess with friendship and fellowship with many friends from our District.

The update from Yvonne Pulford on the progress of The Tilinanua Orphanage was very informative and it was interesting to hear how things has escalated  in just a few years.

The first time I heard of this project was at one of our District International Rallies about three years ago, when Yvonne came to speak about Alice helping to give these orphans in Malawi a better life and education. Alice has been given the Maragarette Golding Award, a prestigious award from Inner Wheel and she also won the  Young Volunteer of the Year Award for all her hard work.

What an achievement for a young girl. It's also wonderful that the whole family are involved too. How humble these sort of people make us feel.

Well done Cathy, looking forward to next years event.




Many thanks to everyone who helped me with my first International Tea effort on Monday 24th April. Thank you so much for all the wonderful sandwiches, cakes etc., which you marvelous ladies bought with you.

The room was set out with amazing speed, the tables laid, delicious food organised on the plates and cake stands.

The International flags looked so good along the walls and on the tables, and I was able to explain that many of the flags represented the assistance the Deepings had contributed to those countries over the years.

The welcome of "Bucks Fizz" was very much appreciated on arrival and got everyone talking together before we settled down for the tea. 

Mrs Yvonne Pulford brought us up to date with a very interesting talk on the work of the Tilinanu Orphanage.

I would just like to add particular special thanks to Jill Thomas and Barbara Piercy for all their wonderful advice and assistance. Finally a big thank you to Jill's partner Richard who laboured greatly for us during the setting up and clearing down on the day.



A little Poem for International


I want for them, a day

When living can be fun

No more drinking dirty water

And surviving on the run.


I want for them, a smile

No more tears in hollow eyes

See faces creased with laughter

Each day a New Suprise.


I want for them, to be fed

In their bellies and their minds

With food and education

So they won't be left behind.


I want for them, a roof

Over their tiny, precious heads

No more sleeping on cold soil

But warmly in a bed.


I want for them, protection

From immunisation's prick

To save more from dying young

And many others sick.


I want for them, a time

When we can live as one

And children live, as children should

Dancing in the sun.


Elaine (unknown)


Inner Wheel Conference 2017

I have been asked to tell you about my first experience of an Inner Wheel Conference, it was excellent. I was absolutely shattered at the end but so pleased I went.

We arrived on Sunday and needless to say we thought of our tummies straight away. After a trip to Weatherspoon's we had a lazy afternoon. At night we decided to eat everything in the hotel.

On Monday Margaret arrived so we started to sort out what we needed to do. We went to the conference centre to have a look at the stalls on all five floors, very interesting, thank goodness for lifts.

The Deeping hosted a pre dinner drinks and had a lovely hour with St Ives, Grantham, Jenny from Sandy and Margaret from Bedford. After dinner we went to the Head Quarters hotel for the get together with District 11 for a super evening of fun organised by the District Chairman.

Tuesday we were up early to go to the church sevice which was nice. District 7 Choir was excellent; pity we don't hear them more often. Zena arrived on stage to the tune of

"Always look on the bright side of life" which brought a roar of laughter to us all because it's on her answerphone apparently.

I won't go into all details becuase Pam did a brilliant write up of all details last month. I think the one thing that really amazed me was the amount of donations collected from the hall for the Canine Partners.

All donations were brilliant but that one was special to me.

I didn't make the Disco on the last night, I couldn't move off the bed, I'm going to have to put in for a new body.

Ladies if you haven't been to Conference, it's well worth it.




I was such a lovely idea of Zena to have a District 7 choir at the Nottingham Conference. I really enjoyed being part of a choir again and have made some good friendships during the reheasals and concert.

We started the Conference with the church service onTuesday morning, together with the Salvation Army. We sang two hyms with the congregation and in between we sang "The Lord is my Shepherd" to the tune from the "Vicar of Dibley" followed by "What a wonderful World". The service ended with everyone singing a Salvation Army hymn "You shall go out with joy"

The Conference ended on Wednesday with a performance by an invited group "Bevox" and then the District 7 choir joined them for "When you walk through a storm". As a suprise for Zena the choirs joined together with " Bring Me Sunshine". Zena's face was a picture of delight.

A wonderful and enjoyable time.



May Diary Dates

Sunday 21st: Roatry Fun Run - Rugby Club


June Diary Dates

Saturday 10th: I.W.  Wellingborough30th Anniversary Charter

To be held at : Kettering Park Hotel, Kettering. NN15 6XT

Speaker  Kendra Haste "Wild Wire"

Time 7.00pm for 7.30pm cost £28.50pp


Monday 12th: I.W. Bourne 26th Charter Anniversary to be held at "Robin Hood and Little John" Aslackby. NG34 0HL

Time 12.00pm for 12.30pm Cost £15.00pp







President Christine: April

March marches out!!!

Well it may be marching out, but not for my Mum who fell over on Thursday 16th March and although continued to March (walk) until March 21st turns out to have a fractured hip. She enjoyed a suprise birthday party in the residents lounge on Friday afternoon, a suprise arrival of her children at Gala Bingo on the Saturday, which was her actual 95th birthday, followed by her favourite chinese takeaway. Sunday all the family were together for a lunch party. Monday she had a bit of 'pins and needles' feeling in both legs, but on Tuesday  she couldn't weight bear on her left leg. After a four hour wait for the ambulance she arrived at Grantham A&E just before it closed. (They are only open 9 until 6 now). An xray confirmed a fracture of the neck of her femur which required a left hip hemi-arthroplasty. I am pleased to say she is recovering well, and as I write (April 1st, not a joke!!) she is still in hospital. I visit every day but hope for a break next week. My brother and all his family have been away skiing  since mums op, my sister has had the most dreadful chest, so none of them have been able to visit.


This leads me onto the reason why I am not now busy packing my suitcase to go to the sunny reaches of Nottingham for conference. My brother and sister still work full time and so as the 'retired one' it will fall to me to be on hand for Mum. I was torn in my mind between my two duties but I needn't have worrried because Pam was there for me and left a message saying others thought I would probably  have to cancel going. Inner Wheel members always there for you! need I say more?


Well my mind is in a Whirl, so much has happened this month I cant think it through at the moment. I do seem to remember what seems like months ago  going to Spalding Charter and having a lovely day and giving the vote of thanks on behalf of the visitors. I also have some recollection of attending Rotary Auction of Promises and getting out bid on a pair of cufflinks, that I really wanted, by Pam!!! I also remember missing the committee meeting as I waited in the hospital for Mum to come back from theatre.


Oh Yes I also had to dash off to the I.O.W. for one night the day after Mums op to represent the owners of our apartments in a small claims court case. We only had a few days notice of the court case and it ment I had to miss the District Meeting but Liz stood in as my proxy.


So everyone I have really been marching about all through March. Will April calm down? I hope to be at the meeting on April 11th  but if I am not then I know one of you will stand in for me. What a relief to have  that security holding you up. All those who take office, Know this..... 'All for one and one for all'




Baby Bundles

Many thanks to the merry band of volunteers who came to my home on Saturday 11th March. Sixteen lovely bundles were made up   and these have been safely delivered to Rockingham. It was lovely to see every relaxing and having a good chat over coffee and biscuits afterwards. Once again many thanks.




Corby International Tea

Pat Dethick, Margaret Headly and myself went to Corby on Wednesday 15th March and joined a very large number of Inner Wheel members at Weldon Village Hall. We had  a very interesting talk by Julie Foster  and Pat Edkins on "Children United"> This is a charity that works with sisters in India and they help run schools, orphanages, childrens hostels, etc... The speakers were dressed in the most beautiful  saris and the colours were lovely. Afterwards we enjoyed an exellent tea.

A really enjoyable afternoon.





Spalding 63rd Charter Lunch

Ten of our members attended the Spalding 63rd Charter at Spalding Golf Club. As most are aware the food is very good there and this time was no exception!! The Charter was different, instead of a speaker there was a young lady called Winne Clark who sang "Songs from the Shows". She had a lovely voice and had us all swaying with the music. We were all sorry when her time was up, we could have sat there for the rest of the afternoon listening to her.

A lovely afternoon was had by all. Pam


May 2017 

Wednesday 3rd: I.W. Bourne International Service Lunch

to be held at Thurlby Methodist Church Hall, High Street, Thurlby. PE10 0ED Cost £12.00pp Speaker Louise Timmins "Brighter Future International Trust"


Sunday 21st: The Rotary Club of The Deepings Fun Run

Start at The Rugby Club


Thursday 25th: District International Rally to be held at Greetham Valley Golf Club 12.00pm for 12.30pm

Cost £12.00pp

Speakers Roatarians Geoff Burton and Irvin Metcalf

"Joy Town School"



Saturday 10th: I.W. Wellingborough Hatton - 30th Charter

Kettering Park Hotel, Kettering. NN15 6XT 7.00pm for 7.30pm

Speaker Kendra Haste "wild Wire - Sculptered Animals"

(using chicken wire) Cost £28.50




Cathy and the Sixteen lovely "Baby Bundles"


Sally, Liz, Anne and Cathy enjoying "Burns Night"


Cathy & Baby Bundles


2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 The Deepings.