Club Meeting Date: On the second Monday of t

he month

Club Meeting Time: 6.30 for 6.45pm

Club Meeting Place: Belton Park Golf Club, Grantham

Number of Members: 27

About the Club:

The Inner Wheel Club of Grantham received its charter in 1962.

Grantham’s most famous son is Sir Isaac Newton who was born in nearby Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth on Christmas Day in 1642.  He was educated at the King’s School in Grantham before going on to Cambridge University and his theory of gravity is thought to have come from the observation of an apple falling from a tree in the grounds of his home, the Manor House at Woolsthorpe.

Mention should also be made of one of Grantham's most famous daughters Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven. Born Margaret Roberts above a grocer's shop in the town, she was educated at Huntingtower Road School and Kesteven & Grantham Girls' School, before going up to Oxford to study chemistry. She became the first research chemist ever to become Prime Minister (and the first woman to hold that appointment). The first woman police officer, Edith Smith, was also a Granthamian.


Grantham Changeover Meeting July 2018


Past President Kathy and President Margaret


President Margaret Grantham and President Ray Rotary Club of Grantham


We all wore hats to fit in with the Speaker's theme



Our waiter joined in too!



Grantham ladies show their support for the International Rally 

 We posed with toilet accessories to promote the charity "Toilet Twinning". 15 ladies came from Grantham club to help with all the arrangements on the day of Pam's last International Rally as our DISC


 Changeover July 2017



Linda presents Kathy with the President's chain of office at the changeover meeting at the Golf Club in July 2017



Grantham Inner Wheel members enjoyed dinner and then a photo call for those members present at the changeover evening


Officers and Committee  Members 2017-2018

President - Kathy Klingels

Vice President - Margaret Graham

Past President - Linda Burr

Honorary Secretary - Pam Wiggins

Honorary Treasurer - Kathleen Holmes

International Service - Veronica Phillips

Social Secretary - Sheila Redman

Minutes Secretary - Delia Hearmon

Club Correspondent - Pam Kalbassi

Community Service - Mavis Coxon

Health & Safety - Janice Charity

Membership/Club Welfare - Pam Metcalf

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2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 Grantham.