The Inner Wheel Club of Spalding



Spalding is an ever growing market town having an outdoor market on every Tuesday and Saturday together with a Farmers Market at the beginning of each month.  Many visitors, especially in the Spring, come to see the fields of daffodils and locally decorated churches.  Visitors and locals alike also visit the popular Springfields Outlet Shopping Centre and gardens with dancing water displays.  The Spalding water taxi links the Shopping Centre and the Festival Gardens to Spalding town centre by enjoying a relaxing 30 minute cruise along the river Welland.

From the town centre and crossing the main town bridge over the river Welland, rebuilt in 1838, a worthwhile visit can be made to Ayscoughfee Hall Museum. This was originally a medieval town house built in 1451 by Richard Alwyn, a wool merchant. It is now enjoyed for not only the Museum but for its gardens and recreational features.

The South Holland Centre in Spalding’s town centre is a busy arts centre, theatre, cinema, functions venue and a base for all sorts of fun creative activities.   Approximately one mile from the town centre is The Gordon Boswell Romany Museum which is the largest public display of Romany Vardos and Romany history in the world.  Margaret Boswell is a Member of our Inner Wheel Club.

Visiting Spalding and its surrounding area you can be sure of seeing many interesting places and much to do.





Carole Cooke

2018/2019 President




 The Inner Wheel Club of Spalding was Chartered in 1954.


Club Meeting Date: On the second Thursday of the month

Club Meeting Times: 1.30 p.m. and 2.00 p.m.

Club Meeting Place: The Welland Yacht Club

Number of Members: 28


The Officers for 2018/2019 are as follows:


President - Carole Cooke

Vice President - Marina Hutchison
Secretary - Pauline Start
Treasurer - Kathleen Price
International Service Officer - Marina Hutchison
Correspondent - Meryl Gedney


Other Committee Members -

Jean Hastings

Heather Girdlestone

Anne Alexander

Jill Bradley

Pam Clay



Web Mistress - Pam Clay



Club Diary Dates


Thursday 19th  July - Club Meeting at Welland Yacht Club at 2.00 p.m.

Thursday 9th  August - Club Meeting at Welland Yacht Club at 2.00 p.m. -   Speaker - Vanessa Brown from 'Safe Places'

Thursday 20th September - Club Meeting at Welland Yacht Club at 1.00 p.m. - Fish and Chip Lunch

Friday 28th September - Charity 'Fun Quiz' at Welland Yacht Club commencing at 7.00 p.m. in aid of President's charities. Two course supper.

Thursday 11th October - Club Meeting at Welland Yacht Club at 2.00 p.m. - Speaker - Jill Storer on Ice Skating

Thursday 18th October - International Lunch at Pinchbeck Church Hall at 12 noon for 12.30 p.m.

Friday 9th November - Birthday Party at Spalding Golf Club at 7.00 for 7.30 p.m.

Thursday 15th November - Club Meeting at Welland Yacht Club at 1.30 p.m. - Speaker to be confirmed.

Thursday 13th December - Club Meeting and Christmas Tea at Welland Yacht Club at 1.30 p.m. together with a Christmas Raffle.


Thursday 10th January - Inner Wheel Day Sausage Sizzle at Welland Yacht Club commencing with business meeting at 10.30 a.m. and lunch at 12 noon for  12.30 p.m.

Thursday 14th February - Club Meeting at Welland Yacht Club at 1.30 p.m. - No speaker.

Sunday 10th or 17th February - Sunday Lunch with Partners or friends - Venue to be confirmed.

Thursday 7th March - Club Meeting at Welland Yacht Club at 1.30 p.m. - No speaker.

Friday 15th March - 65th Charter Luncheon at Spalding Golf Club at 12 noon for 12.30 p.m. - Guest Speaker - David S. Reeve MVO, MBE - Sandringham Security Officer.

Tuesday 26th March - Coffee Morning at Welland Yacht Club - 10.00 a.m. to         12 noon

Thursday 18th April - Frugal Lunch at 12 noon  followed by Club Meeting at Welland Yacht Club - No speaker.

Thursday 9th May - Club Meeting at Welland Yacth Club at 2.00 p.m. - Speaker to be confirmed.

Thursday 27th June - Club AGM at Welland Yacht Club at 2.00 p.m.

Friday 28th June - Handover at Welland Yacht Club at 6.30 for 7.00 p.m.


A very Happy Birthday to those Members who have a Birthday in November


Mary Stanford



Planting of 'Peace' Rose

On Thursday 7th November, President Carole and several Members congregated at Ayscoughfee Gardens in Spalding to plant a 'peace' rose to commemorate 100 years since the end of WW1 and to recognise World Peace Day which was on the 21st September, 2018.

With special thanks to Head Gardener of Ayscoughfee Gardens, Dan Cooper, a most suitable place to plant the rose was arranged directly in line with the World War 1 memorial in the gardens.  You can see this memorial at the top of this web page. It is the last photograph and the memorial has the lake in front of it.

Head Gardener, Dan Cooper, digging a suitably sized hole for the rose and sprinkling some fertiliser on the roots to strengthen the growth.  Dan and his team are now going to look after the rose for us.

President Carole ceremoniously planting the rose.

President Carole and Members of the Club

President Carole and Head Gardener of Ayscoughfee, Dan Cooper

That's it....... the 'peace' rose suitably planted and the placque in place.


Inter Club Sports

On Tuesday 23rd October, 2018 we held the first round of the Inter Club Sports. We had been elected to play against Grantham Inner Wheel Club and as we were hosts this was held at the Welland Yacht Club.

Eight Spalding members played against 5 Grantham members and even though we competed as best we could we still managed to lose the first round!!!

We arranged to meet at the Yacht Club at 10.30 a.m. to prepare and once the Grantham members had arrived we had coffee and then the contest began. Games played consisted of Jenga, Connect 4, Dominoes and a 'Pea' game whereby you had to suck up dried peas with a straw and transfer them from one dish to another.

Following the games we all then had luch with sandwiches prepared by our Vice President, Marina Hutchison, and cakes made by our residential cake maker, Jean Hastings.

Having a bit of a clean and tidy up before our guests arrive!

Having a practice run!!!

Steady does it.......

I shall be pleased when that minute is up as I am getting really puffed out now!!

I am not too sure which domino I ought to lay!!!

Below, here we are at the best bit - sandwiches, crisps, cake and a nice cuppa to end a very pleasant morning and lunch time.


International Lunch

On Thursday 18th October, 2018 we held our annual International Lunch at The Pinchbeck Church Hall, Pinchbeck.  Our International Service Officer, Marina Hutchison, was delighted that so many members, friends, guests and members from other clubs were able to attend.  A delicious cold meat buffet was provided with a variety of mouthwatering desserts to follow all provided by Club Members.

In addition to our District International Service Chairman, Glenys Hasdell, joining us we were fortunate to have two speakers.  Firstly, Wendy Chew talked about Hope and Homes and Tracey Vowels gave a very amusing talk on being a fitness instructor.

A raffle was also held with many lovely prizes to be won.

Front Row: President Carole Cooke, District International Service Chairman, Glenys Hasdell, our Club's International Service Officer, Marina Hutchison and guest speaker, Tracey Vowels.

Back Row: Rotarian Terry Cooke, Rotarian Barry Hasdell, guest speaker, Wendy Chew and Rotarian Chris Chew

International Service Officer, Marina, welcoming everyone to her third and final International Lunch.  Well done Marina for all the hard work you have put into your three years,

District International Service Chairman, Glenys Hasdell, lighting the International Candle.  I do have to say that it took three attempts for the candle to actually light!!!

From left to right: Guest Speaker, Tracey Vowels, International Service Officer, Marina Hutchison and Guest Speaker, Wendy Chew.

From left to right: International Service Officer Marina Hutchison, District International Service Chairman, Glenys Hasdell, and President Carole Cooke.


Below are some photographs of members, guests, friends and members from other clubs enjoying the afternoon.



Charity 'Fun' Quiz

On Friday evening, 28th September, President Carole held a Charity 'Fun' Quiz to help raise money for her two local charities - Safe Places and Womens Refuge.

Sixty people met at the Welland Yacht Club to take part but before the quiz commenced everyone enjoyed a delicious two course supper comprising pork baps with salad and apple crumble to follow.  All this was prepared by President Carole and her usual band of helpers. Drinks were also available and provided by the Welland Yacht Club.

After supper  the quiz commenced, previously prepared by President Carole's husband Terry, and so very much fun was had by everyone.  There were four quizzes in total and after each quiz each person on the winning table was given sweets in a small wooden bowl and then the people of the overall winning table of the evening being given a bottle of wine each.  A raffle was also organised with many very good prizes.


Below are three photographs showing everyone having enjoyed their supper and waiting for the quiz to commence.

Below are a selection of photographs of Members, husbands, partners, friends and guests racking their brains for answers to the questions whilst Quiz Master Terry looks on.

This is a difficult paper!!!

I think I might know the answers to some of these questions!!!


No, the answer is ..........

Some of these are making my head ache!!!!!

I know the answer to this one!!!!!

Well, we knew most of the answers to all the questions says this table who won two out of the four sets of quizzes and then went on to be the overall winner.  Hence, all the sweets on the table!!!!

Now for the raffle and who will be the lucky winners.

I am a lucky winner and what shall I have??????

Another lucky winner - don't eat them all at once though!!!


And so, after all the 'thank you's' were done another very successful evening came to an end and yet again, in the true spirit of Inner Wheel .... fun and friendship.


Club Meeting

On Thursday 20th September, and before our business meeting, 15 Members enjoyed a fish n' chip lunch. These were purchased from one a local well known fish shop and brought to the Yacht Club by President Carole's husband Terry.

The fish and chips were delicious and we still made room for tea and biscuits half way through our meeting!!!

Below are Members enjoying their lunch.

We must do this again!!!!


Thanksgiving Service and District Rally

On Thursday 6th September several of our Members attended the Thanksgiving Service at Finedon and the District Rally at Kettering Park Hotel, Kettering.  The service was given by the well known vicar, the Revd. Richard Coles with the District 7 choir also in attendance.  We are proud to say that two of our Members, Pauline Start and Linda Walters, are part of the District 7 choir.

It was a very memorable day for everyone and some of our Members were able to be photographed with Revd. Richard Coles.

Below is a photograph of some of our Members at the church before the service began.

Below is President Carole's claim to fame - being photographed with

Revd. Richard Coles


Petanque Challenge

On Wednesday 18th July Members from the Spalding, The Deepings and Bourne Inner Wheel Clubs met at the Petanque Club in Bourne for the annual Petanque challenge. A big 'thank you' must go to Heather Girldestone for arranging this challenge.

It was a glorious sunny evening and after gathering we were offered wine, orange juice and nibbles which was provided by the Petanque Club.  Everyone was keen to gain as many points as possible in order to obtain the cup.  This year it was won by the Bourne Inner Wheel Club who were delighted.

After playing we all made our way to The Sugar Mill in Bourne for an evening meal where, as you can imagine, lots of chat and laughter continued.

All ready for action!!!!

Here we are enjoying the drinks and nibbles beforehand.

President Carole in action!!

President Ann Colyer of the Bourne Inner Wheel Club feeling very proud at winning the Petanque cup.

Here we all are at The Sugar Mill in Bourne deciding what to have for our evening meal.


Rotary Gateway Sports

On July 15th the Spalding and Welland Rotary Club held the annual disabled Gateway Sports event at The Castle Fields in Spalding.  This is always a very competitive event and this year it was between the Spalding and Boston Gateway Clubs.

Inner Wheel ladies are very much a part of this event in as much as they, together with wives of Rotarians, always provide a delicious afternoon tea of sandwiches and cakes.  Everyone attending looks forward to when it is the break for food and compliments on the quality and quantity are always in abundance.

Below are two photographs of competitors with their medals together with the President of the Spalding and Welland Rotary Club this year, Fay Barret.


2018 Handover

On Friday 29th June, Members with their partners and friends attended the Welland Yacht Club for the Presidential Handover when outgoing President Jenny Symonds handed over the chain of office to incoming President, Carole Cooke.

A fun evening was had by all with lots of chatter and laughter as always.  A cold buffet was provided by some of the Club Members which again, as always, was delicious.

Outgoing President Jenny handing over the chain of office to incoming President, Carole.

Now I must get this on right and make sure it is straight!!!!

Aaah yes, perfect!  Our new President for 2018/2019 - Carole Cooke.  Enjoy your year.

President Carole looking a little bemused about receiving the bag with all the other bits and pieces that a President needs!  After she has decided that all seems to be in order, outgoing President, Jenny is just about to present President Carole with a gift.

Below are a selection of photographs of Members, partners and friends enjoying the evening.


2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 Spalding.