The Inner Wheel Club of Spalding



Spalding is an ever growing market town having an outdoor market on every Tuesday and Saturday together with a Farmers Market at the beginning of each month.  Many visitors, especially in the Spring, come to see the fields of daffodils and locally decorated churches.  Visitors and locals alike also visit the popular Springfields Outlet Shopping Centre and gardens with dancing water displays.  The Spalding water taxi links the Shopping Centre and the Festival Gardens to Spalding town centre by enjoying a relaxing 30 minute cruise along the river Welland.

From the town centre and crossing the main town bridge over the river Welland, rebuilt in 1838, a worthwhile visit can be made to Ayscoughfee Hall Museum. This was originally a medieval town house built in 1451 by Richard Alwyn, a wool merchant. It is now enjoyed for not only the Museum but for its gardens and recreational features.

The South Holland Centre in Spalding’s town centre is a busy arts centre, theatre, cinema, functions venue and a base for all sorts of fun creative activities.   Approximately one mile from the town centre is The Gordon Boswell Romany Museum which is the largest public display of Romany Vardos and Romany history in the world.  Margaret Boswell is a Member of our Inner Wheel Club.

Visiting Spalding and its surrounding area you can be sure of seeing many interesting places and much to do.





Carole Cooke

2018/2019 President




 The Inner Wheel Club of Spalding was Chartered in 1954.


Club Meeting Date: On the second Thursday of the month

Club Meeting Time: 1.30 p.m. and 2.00 p.m.

Club Meeting Place: The Welland Yacht Club

Number of Members: 28


The Officers for 2018/2019 are as follows:


President - Carole Cooke

Vice President - Marina Hutchison
Secretary - Pauline Start
Treasurer - Kathleen Price
International Service Officer - Marina Hutchison
Correspondent - Meryl Gedney


Other Committee Members -

Jean Hastings

Anne Alexander

Jill Bradley

Pam Clay



Web Mistress - Pam Clay



Club Diary Dates


Thursday 19th  July - Club Meeting at Welland Yacht Club

Thursday 9th  August - Club Meeting - Speaker - Vanessa Brown from 'Safe Places'

Thursday 20th September - Club Meeting at Welland Yacht Club - Fish and Chip Lunch

Friday 28th September - Charity 'Fun Quiz' at Welland Yacht Club

Thursday 11th October - Club Meeting at Welland Yacht Club - Speaker - Jill Storer on Ice Skating

Thursday 18th October - International Lunch at Pinchbeck Church Hall

Friday 9th November - Birthday Party at Spalding Golf Club

Thursday 15th November - Club Meeting at Welland Yacht Club

Thursday 13th December - Club Meeting and Christmas Tea at Welland Yacht Club


Thursday 10th January - Inner Wheel Day Sausage Sizzle at Welland Yacht Club

Thursday 14th February - Club Meeting at Welland Yacht Club

Thursday 7th March - Club Meeting at Welland Yacht Club

Friday 15th March - 65th Charter Luncheon at Spalding Golf Club - Guest Speaker, Dr. Dominic Symonds

Tuesday 26th March - Coffee Morning at Welland Yacht Club

Thursday 18th April - Frugal Lunch followed by Club Meeting at Welland Yacht Club

Thursday 9th May - Club Meeting at Welland Yacth Club

Thursday 27th June - Club AGM at Welland Yacht Club

Friday 28th June - Handover at Welland Yacht Club


A very Happy Birthday to those Members who have a Birthday in July


Susanna Elliott

Sue Thomas

Carol Stimson

Pam Clay

Barbara Newcombe



Rock 'n' Roll meets the Classics Concert

On Saturday 9th June three of our Members, Pauline Start, Carole Tovell and Linda Walters, joined the rest of the District 7 Choir to take part in the Rock 'n' Roll meets the Classics Concert held in The Guildhall at Grantham.  The District 7 Choir sang six of their own songs and also sang some of the choruses with the rock band. The Concert was was well received by an audience of approximately 250 people.

Well done ladies and below is a photo of them looking very professional.


The Johnson Hospital Summer Fete

On Saturday 2nd June our Club held a bottle stall to help raise money for The Johson Hospital here in Spalding.  The stall was organised by Pauline Start and her helpers were Meryl Gedney, Pam Clay and Marina Hutchison.  The Fete was well attended and there were several other stalls also raising money for the hospital.  The Ukulele Orchestra were also in attendance entertaining everyone.

Here is Pauline and Meryl ready to raise lots of money for the hospital.

A lucky winner!!!

The Ukulele Orchestra in full swing.  In the forefront is one of our Members, Linda Walters and her husband David and if you look very closely you will see that behind Linda is Ann Colyer (the lady in the hat) of The Bourne Inner Wheel Club who is also a member of the Orchestra.


'Safe Places'

Below is a photograph of President Jenny presenting Vanessa Browning of 'Safe Places' with a cheque from our Club.

'Safe Places's is a Spalding charity providing a mental help support service for local people.

'Safe Places' will be one of Carole Cooke's charities when she becomes our President next year.


International Frugal Lunch

On Thursday, 12th April our International Service Officer, Marina Hutchison, organised a Frugal Lunch for Club Members before our usual Club meeting.  All proceeds from this lunch will go towards Marina's International charities.

Below you will see Club Members enjoying the lunch of soup (made by two Club Members) and bread.  This was followed by fruit and cheese and biscuits.

A raffle was also organised and again the proceeds wil go to Marina's International charities.


2018 Conference

On Sunday 18th March six of us assembled at Spalding's Bus Station for our onward journey to the 2018 Inner Wheel Conference at Bournemouth.  We were taken by mini bus with four members from The Deepings Club organised by Liz Harrison. En route having had a comfort break Liz, who is so wonderfully organised, supplied Presecco, Bucks Fizz and orange juice and snacks for us all.  What a lovely start to Conference.  Below is President Jenny and Sally from The Deepings enjoying their glasses of Prosecco and snacks.

Bournemouth, here with come!!!!

So..... in good spirits we proceeded to Bournemouth.

Having arrived at the hotel we all checked in and unpapcked our cases.  We then all met in the lounge for a pre-dinner drink.

The Trouville did us proud and the meals were delicious.

Hmm, what shall I have.

Yes, we have all decided so here is what we would like please.

After travelling all day and eating a lovely meal we were all feeling rather full and tired and ready for our beds.  We had three busy days ahead of us!!

Monday morning - at breakfast we all tried to decide what we should do.

Some decided on walking, some shopping, some stewarding and helping at the Conference Centre. Again, there was so much choice at breakfast with both hot and cold food.  I, Pam Clay, decided I would like a boiled egg.  Well I have never been served one in a fruit dish before!!!

In the afternoon we went to the Conference Centre to register and get our name tags and booklets and also to have a look around all the stalls on display.  Three of us then decided to go for a walk along the promenade to blow away the cobwebs.  That was certainly done as it was so very windy and cold as you can see from the photograph below of Jenny and Carole.

Before dinner on Monday evening we all met in Hazel's room for some pre-dinner drinkies.  It was so nice us all being together.

Tuesday morning - the first main day of Conference and the stage having that 'seaside' feeling about it.

  Following a celebration of unity and service led by Rev'd Catherine Forsdike from District 8, Association President Liz welcomed everyone.  We were then all welcomed to Bournemouth by the Mayor of Bournemouth and this was followed by a presentation from Dr. Kapila Gupta, the International Inner Wheel President and following Dr. Gupta, Denis Spiller, the Presdient of Rotary Internation in GB&I spoke to us. The morning session ended with Tracy Rennie talking tous about the Children's Hospices, Association President Liz's charity for her year.  I should perhaps say that at the end of Dr. Gupta's talk to us she presented Margaret Day, the Conference Chairman, with a Margarette Golding award.

During the Tuesday afternoon session we were given a very moving talk by Rtn. Mark Little on 'Modern Slavery', a talk by Rtn. Norma Howell on Medical Detection Dogs and to finish the afternoon a very informative and entertaining talk by John Benjamin of Antiques Roadshow on jewellery.

After another delicious dinner we returned to the Conference Centre for an evening of entertainment by The Opera Boys singing songs from opera to pop. Below you can see we are all ready to be entertained.

Wednesday morning we all assembled at the Centre for the AGM which was both very informative and interesting in very many ways.

During the afternoon session we were given a very interesting talk by Helen Sharman, CMG, OBE who was the first British citizen to go into space. The closing music for Conference was performed by the Romsey Area Youth Jazz Orchestra.

After two very interesting and informative days we returned to the hotel to get ready for the evening 'get together' back at the Centre where lots of dancing took place by music perfomed by 'Old Dogz, New Trix'.  Below you will see us, as all of District 7 was, dressed up like cats including those long fluffy tails!!!

What a good time we all had but as with everything, all good things must come to an end and below here we are off home back to our bedsand blankets with our tails swinging below our coats!!!

Another successful Conference comes to an end with all of us having had a thoroughly good time with lots of chat, laughter, food and drink.

Special thanks must be given to Liz Harrison of The Deepings for all her organisation with the transport and the hotel and also to Ken, our driver, who got us safely  to Bournemouth and back home again.



64th Charter Luncheon

On Friday 16th March we held our 64th Charter Luncheon at The Spalding Golf Club.  Apart from our own Club Members attending, we were delighted to have with us District Chairman Jean and our guest speaker, Professor Dominic Symonds. We were also joined by Members of other Inner Wheel Clubs, the President of The Spalding and Welland Rotary Club and Members of the South Holland Rotary Club.

Here is President Jenny welcoming everyone to our 64th Charter Luncheon.

For the first time at a Charter we had a Master of Ceremonies, Rotarian Melvyn Price from The Spalding and Welland Rotary Club to keep us all in order!  During the course of the luncheon Melvyn became very 'gavel happy' and by the end of the lunch President Jenny's ears were ringing!!!!  Below is Melvyn introducing our guest speaker.

Before the lunchwas served we had the usual 'candle lighting' ceremony.  Below you will see Past Presidents Pam Smith and Mary Stanford lighting the candle to the Past, President Jenny lighting the candle for the Present, Vice President Carole Cooke lighting the candle for the Future and International Service Officer Marina Hutchison lighting the candle for International.

Following this ceremony District Chairman Jean brought 'greetings' from the District Executive Committee, President John Ralph brought 'greetings' from The Spalding and Welland Rotary Club and Rotarian Terry Cooke brought 'greetings' from The South Holland Rotary Club.

Below is President Jenny presenting District Chairman Jean with a cheque for her charity, DEBRA

A delicious lunch was then served amid lots of chat from everyone.

After lunch and feeling quite full we then all settled down to listen to our guest speaker, Professor Dominic Symonds, who, incidentally, is President Jenny's Son.  Dominic's talk was entitled 'The Great American Song Book' and he talked about and played some music by Jerome Kern, Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, George Gershwin and Richard Rodgers. 

Below is a photograph of Dominic giving us all a very interesting talk and below that is President Jenny and District Chairman Jean getting into the rhythm of the music.

Another very successful Charter and a lovely afternoon spent, yet again, in the true Inner Wheel way with everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves.


Coffee Morning

On Wednesday 7th March we held a Coffee Morning at The Welland Yacht Club which was attended by Members, their partners, friends and also Members from other Clubs.  The sun shone for us and it was a pleasure to look out of the windows and see the lovely view of the river.

Coffee and biscuits were served, daffodils made a lovely Springlike effect on the tables and lots of chat and laughter took place.  An enjoyable time was had by all and the proceeds of the morning was being donated to President Jenny's charity, Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance.

Items were able to be purchased from a plant and flower stall, Easter and Mother's Day stall, cake stall, craft stall, book and bric-a-brac stall.  Below are some photographs of these stalls.

Besides the above stalls we also had an Easter cake raffle and guess the name of the Easter Bunny competition.  The beautifully decorated Easter cake was made by the daughter of one of our members.

The Easter Bunny was looking very glamorous with its yellow ribbon and decorated straw hat.

Below is the proud winner of the Easter Bunny - doesn't he look handsome!!

Below are some photographs of everyone having a good time.

Another very successful and ejoyable event for our Club


2018 Sausage Sizzle

On Thursday 11th January we celebrated Inner Wheel Day with our annual Sausage Sizzle at The Welland Yacht Club organised again so very well by Carole Cooke.  We started at 10.30 a.m. with coffee and biscuits followed by our business meeting.  At around 12 noon we were joined by our friends from Bourne, The Deepings and Sleaford Kesteven clubs for a delicious lunch of sausage and mash followed by apple crumble.

After all this lovely food Carole provided some quizzes which, once again, were so entertaining and caused lots of laughtter by everyone.

A very big 'thank you' to Carole and her helpers for providing a wonderful day in the usual spirit of Inner Wheel.

Carole Cooke and some of her helpers

So..... how many sausages am I to dish up!!!

Custard or cream on the crumble please......

Oh, after all that lovely food now for a nice cup of tea or coffee.

Carole and her helpers having a well deserved rest after all that hard work.

BUT, before the fun can begin we have to do all that washing up!!!!

Members and friends enjoying the day.

So the fun will begin when I can get this computer to do what I want it to!!!!

So, how many pieces of popcorn are there in this jar???  I can't count them properly.

I think I know the answer to this one!!!

This is a bit hard - it might give me a headache!!

Lots of thought is having to go into answering these questions.

Carole giving the answers amid 'Oh, I should have known that' or 'Of course, that's who it was'.

Another very successful day.


Christmas Meeting and Party

On Thursday 14th December, 2017 we held our Christmas Meeting and Party at The Spalding Yacht Club and were delighted that District Chairman Jean was able to join us.

After our business meeting we all enjoyed a delicious Christmas tea provided by Jean Hastings and a thoroughly sociable afternoon was held in the usual Inner Wheel way.

Here is our District Chairman as we have not seen her before - a Christmas elf.

President Jenny presenting District Chairman Jean with a Christmas gift.

Vice President Carole presenting President Jenny with a Christmas gift from all the Spalding members.

Some Spalding members enjoying that delicious Christmas tea.

District Chairman Jean with Members who attended the Christmas meeting and tea.


Birthday Party

On Friday 10th November the Club held its 64th Birthday Party at the Spalding Golf Club. Members and partners attended and a delicious meal was, once again, served by the Golf Club.  President Jenny made and decorated the birthday cake which was served whilst we had our after meal coffee.

Following the meal Carole and Terry Cooke provided a 'fun' quiz which was in three parts, one involving books and authors, one 60's songs and singers and one where we had to name the person in the photograph whose name was either Carole or Terry!

A good time was had by all in the usual Inner Wheel way of lots of chat and laughter.

President Jenny cutting the Birthday Cake

President Jenny cutting the cake again and this time assisted by our longest serving Member, Jean Hastings.

Members and partners enjoying the delicious meal

President Jenny and her husband, Graham, enjoying themselves

I think we know the answer to this question!!!!

I think this is the right answer but oh dear, this is making my head hurt!!!

Carole Cooke giving the answers to the questions and you could hear around the room 'Oh, of course. I should have known that'!!!


District Rally 2017

On Thursday 28th September six of us attended the District Rally at Greetham Valley Golf Course. It was lovely meeeting up with many friends from other Clubs and also making new friends.  The Association President, Liz Thomas, addressed the Rally which was very interesting.  Greetham Valley did us proud with the room looking wonderful on arrival and a delicious lunch,  Another afternoon of lots of chat and friendship.

President Jenny and three of our members at the Rally.


2017 International Lunch

On Thursday 5th October, 2017 we held our 2017 International Lunch at the Pinchbeck Church Hall.  President Jenny gave the opening remarks and then handed over to our International Service Officer, Marina Hutchison.  We were very pleased to have with us District International Service Chairman, Pam Metcalf, and our speaker for the afternoon was Patricia Parker on 'Kids for Kids'.  A wonderful afternoon of friendship was spent with not only some of our own members but members from other Inner Wheel Clubs, the South Holland Rotary Club and also with other friends.  A delicious lunch was served and our speaker gave a very informative talk on her charity.

From left to right - our International Service Officer, Marina Hutchison, our President, Jenny Symonds, District International Service Chairman, Pam Metcalf and our guest speaker, Patricia Parker

Our International Serivce Officer, Marina Hutchison giving her opening remarks at the commencement of the afternoon.

District International Service Chairman, Pam Metcalf, lighting the candle of friendship.

Our guest Speaker, Patricia Parker, at the start of her talk on 'Kids for Kids'

Below are Members and friends enjoying their delicious lunch


Club Meeting

On Thursday, 14th September, the Spalding Fire Brigade team came to our Club Meeting to inform us of all aspects of keeping safe in our homes.  Four members from the Service trundled up to the Yacht Club in their bright red fire engine.  After giving us a talk we were all able to go outside to have a look at the the vehicle and we were all amazed at the amount of equipment they have to carry.  After viewing the vehicle they stayed to have tea and cakes with  us.

Here is President Jenny with four of the fire crew.

Here is one of our Members, Sue Thomas, pretending to be a fireman!!


Petanque Challenge

In July the annual Petanque Challenge took place between Spalding, Bourne and The Deepings Clubs.  A fun evening was had by all with The Deepings winning the trophy this year.  Following the challenge a meal was had at The Sugar Mill in Bourne.



Inter Club Sports

In July members of the Bourne Club joined six of our members at the Spalding Yacht club for a challenging game of Beetle.  There was much fun and laughter and quite a  bit of rivalry.  One of our members, Carole Cooke, joined the opposition for a while to even up the numbers.  Her son lives in Bourne so she had some allegiance.  However she stepped down when another Bourne member arrived claiming her husband had lost his way and gone to Springfields instead! Fortunately she found us in the end and helped Bourne to win the competition with a score of 6 games to 4.

We then enjoyed afternoon tea with sandwiches, sausage rolls and beautiful cakes.  A splendid afternoon of friendship was had by all.



On Friday 30th June, 2017 saw Members, husbands, partners and friends at The Welland Yacht Club once again for the Handover of the Chain of Office to the 2017/2018 Club's Inner Wheel President, Jenny Symonds.  Below are some photographs taken during the evening where everyone had a good time and enjoyed a delicious cold meat buffet and dessert provided by Club Members.

Below is a photograph showing the outgoing Joint Presidents, Pam Smith and Mary Stanford handing over the Chain of Office to the 2017/2018 President, Jenny Symonds.



2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 Spalding.