Melton Mowbray Belvoir



The club meets at Quorn Lodge Hotel, Asfordby Road, Melton Mowbray on the fourth Tuesday of each month (except December).

Number of Members: 19

About the Club:
The Club was chartered in 1986.
Melton Mowbray is a small market town which still has a cattle market every Tuesday, one of the few left in the country.   It’s also famous for its pork pies and Stilton cheese.


2017/18   Executive Committee Members:

President:              Ros Eggleston

Vice President:       Margaret Morris

Secretary:              Sandra Fancourt

Treasurer:              Joy Pick

International:               Elizabeth Raynes

Correspondent:      Di Inman


Club Activities



Saturday 1st July, and we have a new President!  The hand over was conducted by founder member Wendy Whait and took place at Gates Garden Centre in Rutland.  Needless to say we had a wonderful afternoon with far too much food - but we managed! 

    Ready, steady ......

.....GO.....and the hand over is complete!  Welcome to President Ros Eggleston, we look forward to a fun packed year under the leadership of Ros - we just know it will be good.  Ros has selected Melton Mowbray First Responders as her charity for the year - a very worthwhile charity which we are keen to support.


Where shall we start?



Now you see it.....

........and now you don't!


Hanne and Ros Sylt, still smiling, despite all that food.

Ros and Penny sharing a moment before the hand over.

....and look who's here.  Outgoing President Margaret was unable to be with us on the day, but she was sure 'up for it' today as she handed the chain of office to incoming President Ros - fancy being handed over to twice!

Sealed with a kiss

Just look at that smile as Margaret receives gifts and good wishes from President Ros on behalf of all club members.  Thank you Margaret, it was a great year - you did us proud xx


It's always good to start a new year with a bang - and here's President Ros enrolling new member Sally Kuzmicz - a joyful occasion, although Sally was a bit worried that there might be an initiation ceremony!  Welcome from all of us Sally.

Look at that grin - she looks like the cat that got the cream!  

And this little chap is Eggbert Eggleston.  He has taken over from Teddy Tempest and plans to continue where Teddy Tempest left off - relieving members of their cash for minor (or more serious) misdemeanours.  He has already started as he means to continue so - ladies beware!!


13th August:  the Rotary club of Melton Mowbray Belvoir held a fundraising afternoon cream tea, to which we were invited - we were also invited to swell the numbers by bringing along friends and relations.  An excellent afternoon was had by all, with the blessing of sunshine and good company.

28th August:  Our (now) annual car boot sale took place on August bank holiday Monday.  Lots of fun and laughter helped towards making a tidy sum of money for President Ros's charity.  Sandra has the remains stored in her garage ready for the next one - bring it on!!


9th September: An act of service saw some of us making cakes for a fund raising fete at a local residential home for elderly people in Melton Mowbray.  They raised a good amount of money (to which our efforts contributed) which will be used to the advantage of the residents.  Well done ladies - and thank you.

12th September:  We were invited to play indoor bowls at the nationally renowned indoor bowling club of Melton Mowbray.  We had fun, but doubt any of us will be enrolling for membership.  The club has a good restaurant, and of course we sampled their food afterwards - goes without saying really.

Ready, steady .......thinking about it .....

Hanne receiving expert tuition from Yvonne

Wendy looking very serious


...and President Ros 'going for it'  ee she was good...


13th September: and we were supporting Rotary again, this time by selling tickets and attending a fashion show held at the local M&Co store - again a good amount of money raised for local charities.


18th September  We have long realised that our Rotarian colleagues don't have a great deal of knowledge of how Inner Wheel works or what it does - so under the leadership of President Ros, we decided to do something about that state of affairs.  It was arranged that three IW members would give an informative (and fun) presentation to our Rotarian colleagues.  President Ros talked about the historical beginnings of Inner Wheel, Elizabeth expanded on the international focus and Anne gave a powerpoint presentation on our club and its activities at the current time.  We received positive feedback for our efforts, with several Rotarians commenting that they would like to have fun in their meetings also!  Altogether, an evening well spent.


26th September brught an invitation from Wendy to attend her home for a night of food, fun and cinema - this was different.  Wendy and her family went to huge lengths to provide a superb evening of entertainment.  We began with tasty, home cooked food, followed by the film Going in Style starring Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman.  What a treat - and we had popcorn as well.  Brilliant evening, thank you Wendy and family.

Here's the invitation we received

...and here's Wendy, complete with 'clapper board'


26th October, and it has to be the greatest event of the year - that's right, our 31st Charter.  A change of venue this year - we graced Brooksby Melton College with our presence.  We were served and generally looked after by students from the catering course, and what a privilege that was.  Excellent food, excellent presentation by some very inspiring young people - we should be so proud that they are studying in Melton Mowbray.  Altogether we enjoyed a wonderfully relaxed evening devoid of the usual formality - this way lies the future.

President Ros welcoming her guests

...and everyone's listening

she even did the flowers - she's good you know

Beside every good woman lurks a good man.  President Ros and husband Ken Charter would be complete without a picture of 'the gang' so here we are, all ready and willing to support President Ros


Wednesday 15th November, and it seems like a good idea to meet in a local hostelry and try our hand at darts - well, some were more successful than others, and there was more than one dart that didn't quite manage to hit the board. No names shall be mentioned, they know who they are!  An excellent evening of fun and friendship (plus food).

Sandra won the first prize - there were rumours that maybe it had been 'rigged', but ..........would she?

.and Maureen won first prize in the second round - its alright for some!

.and here's the dart board - just look at the dart in the ceiling - it wasn't staged - no names mentioned Joy!!!


Rotary Club of Melton Mowbray Belvoir held their 33rd Charter on 20th November.  Inner Wheel members were invited and well represented - and a good evening of food, drink and fellowship was had by all.  

Inner Wheel President Ros and Rotary President David Brown



....and look who this is!  It's Margaret T on her first outing since her illness.  Following some tuition by the Occupational Therapist Margaret was able to transfer into and out of Ros's car - and then we went for a ride.  Brilliant and well done Margaret.


1st December marks the Victorian weekend in Melton Mowbray.  There are many attractions and stalls to see, also a Christmas tree festival at St Mary's anglican church and a Nativity festival at Sage Cross Methodist church.  Individuals and community groups are invited to submit trees and nativity scenes - we just had to do it!

Each item on the tree was made by hand under the supervision of Artistic Director Rhonda (right).  I understand Margaret and Penny were good assistants!  The theme was of course 'Touch a Heart'

Inner Wheel nativity scene produced by Creative Director Wendy Whait.  Completely hand made from wood and pegs.  This is the real meaning of Christmas.


Speaking of the real meaning of Christmas, President Ros had an IW bash at her house on the 21st December - hurrah!  and fancy dress will be optional - oh dear!  However, as you can see, members recovered from the shock, and the photos prove the point that we're up for anything - well, most of us.

Wendy as the only human Christmas tree in existence.......

Nice legs Mother Christmas (also known as Audrey)

........and here's Elizabeth 'flapping around'

I think Margaret was trying to transform the drink in her glass to something a little more palatable - it takes more than a wand Margaret!

We often see a happy Maureen, but have you ever seen a happier snow-woman?

If you want to know what an elf drinks, ask Millie

What lovely ears you have Sally!

Were we seeing double?  No it's Debbie and Di, but with a single thought .....

...and of course, here's President Ros, saying "drinks are on the house"


Inner Wheel Day saw us meeting at Wetherspoons for breakfast.  Nothing unusual in that, except that this time we had a theme of wooly hats or tiaras!  Here are the results:

As you can see, some did and some didn't - and it didn't matter anyway because we all enjoyed celebrating Inner Wheel Day 2018










Introducing President Margaret who took up the reigns of office at our Inner Wheel Handover on 2nd July.  An afternoon tea was shared by club members and guests.  Yet another happy afternoon of shared fun and laughter.  President Margaret plans to support the air ambulance charity this year - a popular and worthy choice. 

This little fella is Teddy Tempest, who plans to help Margaret raise money for her chosen charity this year.  Teddy Tempest will appear at every meeting with Anne, who holds the newly created informal role of Sergeant at Arms.  Beware ladies, there will be fines!

President Margaret's first official duty was induction of new member Di Inman.  A wonderful first duty performed with obvious pleasure and grace - well done Margaret and a warm welcome to Di.

Our first speaker of this new Inner Wheel year is Carol Campbell (step-daughter of President Margaret).  Carol teaches floristry in London, and agreed to speak to us whilst demonstrating her many skills.  A lovely arrangement to reflect our forthcoming Pearl Charter year.

It also just happened to be National Wellie Week - which President Margaret thought we should celebrate.  Quite an array of footwear was produced  - those not taking part were fined by Teddy Tempest.  It was a bit of fun, enjoyed by all - that's what we're about.


Bank Holiday Monday 29th August at Melton Cattle Market.  We held a car boot stall in aid of President Margaret's charity, and much fun was had by all.

Here's Penny, showing her skills as she displays our wares.

                                                                  It's enough to make you scratch your head .....

...oh no, here's Wendy and husband Neville with yet more stuff to sell!



After all that hard work President Margaret invited us to join her for breakfast at Wetherspoons on 3rd September.  Excellent plan Margaret.

                                ...a bit of a chat going on here.....................

The three amigo's


21st September saw a group of us visiting the Air Ambulance site at East Midlands Airport.

We were this close - amazing

this is what the inside looks like - well equipped and super organised

President Margaret looks as if she's giving instructions!

                       smiles from a highly skilled team

and of course, the rest of us had to get in on the act!



Look who's here - it's Joy giving a vote of thanks to Rosemary Conley who spoke to us with great humour and humility at our meeting on 27th September.  An excellent evening, with one or two things for each of us to think about.  (And you know what?  Rosemary forwent the healthy fresh fruit salad for pud and opted for the much more appealing Key Lime Pie - and what's more - she enjoyed it!)


30th Inner Wheel Charter Friday 7th October 2016

Looking relaxed - after the event!

District Chair Dorothy Watson and President Margaret

Wendy Whait showing President Margaret just how to cut a cake


Smiles galore!


Read Our News Letter Click here


We've had a change of International Officer recently.  Due to an ongoing health issue Audrey Hutchinson has reluctantly stepped down from this Office.  It was with equal reluctance (but understanding) that her resignation was accepted.         Thank you for the short time you were in Office Audrey, hopefully you will feel better and more able soon (then we can find you something else to do!)  

Thank you also goes to Elizabeth Raynes who has taken over from Audrey to become International Officer.  Our best wishes to you both.



16th November Tea at Gates Garden Centre, Rutland

President Margaret raising funds for her charity Air Ambulance, here she is with raffle tickets ready to be drawn.

Elizabeth and Wendy looking replete after they've enjoyed their scones and tea.

Rhonda and her mother came too - that was lovely.

Who knows what this conversation is about!


Melton Mowbray Victorian Weekend 3rd and 4th December

Thankyou to Sandra and Joy for decorating the Inner Wheel tree which was displayed in St Mary's Church as part of the Victorian Weekend.  Doesn't it look pretty?  Well done ladies.


...and the other event in December was hosted by President Margaret at her home on 20th December.  We enjoyed a sumptuous buffet and one or two drinks of course!  The entertainment was provided by ourselves and much fun was had by all.  President Margaret insisted that the theme of the evening would be 'Sparkle'

.....and Rhonda certainly took it to heart and - SPARKLED!!


Wearing a little less sparkle, but sparkling nontheless - Maureen and Margaret enjoying a joke and a glass of ?something...



Inner Wheel Day, 10th January 2017

Here we are with President Margaret taking the lead in delivering toiletries and chocolates to Melton Hospital as our way of celebrating Inner Wheel Day 2017.  Perhaps surprisingly many patients arrive without basic toiletries, face cloths, toothbrushes, toothpaste etc.  It was our privilege to provide essential items for those who, for whatever reason are unable to provide for themselves.  Thank you to all the staff who gave us such a warm welcome and were so clearly grateful for the items we gave.






New member Rhonda Bolton being presented with her club badge by President Margaret.  Always a joy to receive a new member, welcome Rhonda and we all hope you enjoy being part of a world wide womens organisation as much as the rest of us do.


Sadly we say goodbye to member Sue Ayres who has decided that life is too busy to be able to incorporate Inner Wheel as well.  We will miss you Sue, but wish you well for the future.


Saturday 25th February:  Five members met at a local venue to try their hand at acrylic painting.  Here are Maureen, Di and Wendy showing their 'test' pieces.

....and here's Di having some personal tuition.......

...and look at these end results - David Hockney eat your heart out!!


Inner Wheel Conference 2017 held in Nottingham.

 Eight of our members attended conference this year.  Sadly President Margaret was unable to attend, as planned, due to illness, but she was in our thoughts and our hearts throughout the conference.  The photograph above was taken as we arrived at the Conference Centre on the first morning, when we were greeted by Robin Hood.  What a greeting - we swooned as his roguish smile embraced us - and we're all planning to change our names to Marion!!!


International Service Organiser Elizabeth welcomed members and guests to an afternoon tea at Rearsby Village Hall on 10th May.  A delicious tea was prepared and served by IW members - hard work but worth it.  Our guest speaker was Helena Mitchell who works with the Barnardo's organisation.  Her subject was 'Barnardo's Carefree Project for Young Carers'.  An excellent afternoon with an inspiring speaker.


Saturday afternoon 3rd June saw some of our members, family and friends taking a relaxed walk round Melton Country Park.  Our aim was to enjoy fellowship and fun whilst raising funds for Association President Zena's charity BEAT.

...and as you can see, we were wearing our 'silly socks'

Receiving our reward following a great afternoon - ice creams  - yum!


21st June:  and a visit to LWA (Living without abuse) to deliver some toiletries for the use of some of the families that the charity supports.  We were met with warmth and smiles and many thanks for the items we donated:


27th June:  it's that time of year again!  This year we presented a cheque for a handsome amount to air ambulance.  Roy Stephenson received the cheque on their behalf and spoke with genuine warmth about the work that is done on behalf of the whole community.  Well done to all of our members who have worked so hard in many different ways to raise this money - and well done to President Margaret for encouraging us.












4th July:  President Anne handed over the chain of office to Penny Hancox at a splendid afternoon tea - yes another one!  Penny's charityfor the year is CLIC Sargent and she has a varied speaker programme and activities for us to enjoy.


President Penny:  formalities over, in relaxed mood (but don't be fooled 'cos she's raring to go! )

Christine and Agnes, good friends from Inner Wheel Club of Leicester.

              ...and yet more friends - all the way from the north east of England

Here we are again - the gang - all gathered to bid farewell to outgoing president Anne, and to welcome new President Penny.  We wish you well Penny, enjoy your year.

Look at those happy faces - a reflection of our latest venture at Melton cattle market car boot sale.  Building on previous experience we excelled ourselves in persuading customers that they couldn't live without our rubbish - result, happy faces and money for Clic Sergent.
.......and yet another new member, Sandra Fancourt.  Having been a guest for a few meetings, Sandra decided she would like to become a member.  Welcome Sandra, we all hope you enjoy Inner Wheel as much as we do.
And it's Charter 2015 -  came round all too soon for President Penny!
.....but here she is with our speaker Zena Coles who gave an informative and amusing talk on her adventures in Brazil.  Elizabeth presented the 'jungle in a pot' which is very nice (and also very heavy).  Zena didn't think the cat would be able to help her get it out of the car when she got home. 
....and of course, here's the rest of us as usual - we're not waving at the photographer - it just seemed like a good idea at the time.
28th November started out well with a visit to The Curve theatre in Leicester to see a production of Oliver.  All 20 of us made our way there by various means, some meeting for lunch on the way.  The production was excellent and enjoyed by everyone.  Leaving for home was a bit different, being caught in torrential rain and literally paddling to the cars - oh boy were we wet!!!
Lunch at Frankie and Bennie's before the show - before we got wet
December has to be the busiest month of the year - for Inner Wheel and individual members.  We joined Rotary for Santa's Sleigh collections which support local charities, and we joined with Rotary to provide a service of 'Cake and Carol's' for the elderley residents of Melton Mowbray.    
Margaret Tempest celebrated her Silver Wedding Anniversary on 15th December, our best wishes go to her and husband Don.
A few of us travelled by train to Birmingham Christmas Market on 16th December.  We were a little disappointed - goodness knows what we'd expected.  However, our spirits were revived when we found the champagne bar at New Street Station - yes, we did imbibe - it would have been rude not to really.
Joy Pick smiling in the face of disappointment.
President Penny hosted a President's evening at Italian restaurant Amici in Melton on 22nd December, and a good time was had by all.  Lots of chat and laughter, as ever.  Picture below shows Margaret Morris enjoying one of Debbie's amusing anecdotes.
........and then it was Christmas.
15th March was the start of Inner Wheel games for us - we lost - I'll say no more.



4th April 2016: Margaret Morris was inducted as a member of Melton Mowbray Rotary Club.  We're proud of you Margaret, well done.  We know you will go on to achieve many things.  The photograph shows Margaret and her sponsor Kate Theobold (right).



Sadly, Joyce Gunby, one of our much loved members died today, 7th April 2016.  Although Joyce had been unwell for some time she maintained her characteristic sense of humour and love of people.  She will be greatly missed by many people.  Rest in peace Joyce.       

Glasgow Conference 2016



It was a verrrrry good conference.


We won, we won, we won!  Time for celebration.  President's Challenge, we played skittles against Rotary and won - first time for ages - well done team.



A new year begins

President Elizabeth Raynes handing over the chain of office to incoming President Anne Yates - and a good day was had by all - maybe something to do with the Prosecco?



Two President's together:  Rotarian President Tony Pick and President Anne


Speaker Bunty Gotts entertains with tales of 1000 years of history in 30 minutes - and she did it!

Speaker Bunty Gotts (left) looking as she normally does.


After the event - and everyone's still smiling - it was a good night, thank you ladies.

Inner Wheel Day

Toiletries were collected from club members and delivered to Melton Mowbray Community Hospital for the use of patients.

St George's Day

Rotarian President and IW President Anne were invited to attend the St George's Day service of remembrance in Melton Mowbray.

District Chair's visit

District Chair Margaret Hedley receives a cheque from President Anne for her charity Osteoporosis.  Then she agreed to judge our Easter Bonnet competition.  Look for the one with the big white ears - she was the winner.



Here we are, all set for a night out at Conference.

....and here we are again - dressed for a night of fun and laughter in our white wigs.

Anne's Amble

Walking round Melton Country Park to raise funds for Homestart.  Is it really water in those bottles?

President's Challenge

Here's President Tony consoling President Anne on IW's inability to win the challenge - but we had good fun trying!


Presentation of cheque to Homestart, President Anne's charity.






2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 Melton Mowbray.