50 Years of Inner Wheel Service

The Inner Wheel Club of Spalding

…. 50th Anniversary of Jean’s membership of Inner Wheel

On the 10th December, 2020 Jean Hastings will have been a member of the Inner Wheel Club of Spalding for 50 years.  During the morning of the 10th District Chairman Pauline and President Carole visited Jean to congratulate her on this achievement.  District Chairman Pauline presented her with a framed certificate signed by Association President Enid Law and District Chairman Pauline to mark her 50 years as a member.  President Carole then presented Jean with a beautiful box of golden flowers.  Jean, I think, was taken aback at first but then was very pleased with her gifts.  As the 10th December happened to be our Club meeting, we originally were going to have a celebration tea for Jean but unfortunately, due to the troubled times we are living in, we were not able to do this.

Here are some photographs showing these presentations.

After the presentations President Carole then informed Jean that all the members of the club had agreed that she should become an Honorary Member as from 1st July, 2021.

….10th December Club Meeting

This meeting, as I have said before, was supposed to have been a celebration of Jean’s 50 years in Inner Wheel and also our Christmas ‘get together’ and tea.  However, because of the times we are living in at the moment we had to forfeit our tea but still had a very good time via Zoom.  Usually at our December meeting we have a visit from our District Chairman but this year she, being Pauline, decided that she would postpone her visit until January in place of our usual Sausage Sizzle.  The members however had already planned that in December District Chairman Pauline would be given her gift from her club members and this still went ahead.

The actual presentation of her gift was given during the morning when we were at Jean’s house but Pauline was under strict instructions not to open it until the afternoon during our meeting!!!!

By this time both Pauline and Carole were very cold!!!!

Pauline with her gift – an antique silver-plated jewellery box engraved with the message:

Pauline 2020/2021

District 7 Chairman

YIF – Inner wheel

Club of Spalding

Pauline with her personalised Christmas card from all the Members

Both, President Carole and District Chairman Pauline in the Christmas spirit.


Father Christmas was too busy to come so sent his elf instead!!

The winner of the raffle this month was Carole Cooke and the lottery winner was Barbara Newcombe.


Jenny, our raffle and lottery lady, with her little helper – this month it was ‘the elf on the shelf’.  Jenny told us that



To get us all in the spirit of Christmas Linda and David Walters entertained us with Christmas carols and songs with their ukuleles.  Thank you to you both.

Inner Wheel Remembers

"Joint Presidents Bernie Birkett & Sheila Cheetham of Wellingborough Hatton Inner Wheel, met at the Wellingborough War Memorial on Remembrance Sunday to lay a wreath on behalf of the Club.  Usually a number of members would attend the service, but this year was different.  The Royal British Legion laid their wreaths at 11.00 am and our Presidents were invited to go at 12noon to lay their wreath, together with President Lyn Redman of Wellingborough Inner Wheel and the Presidents of the both the Wellingborough Rotary Clubs.

Lutterworth Wycliffe's President Suzanne Robinson and Rotary President Roger May laid their wreaths to the music provided by the Saxman. During the Covid-19 lockdown and restricts he has been bring some joy to people who have celebrated special events for a donation to the Foodbank. See him play ...click here

Wellingborough's 76th Charter Tea and Auction

Wellingborough's 76th Charter was held on 12th September just before 'the rule of 6 ' came into being. 20 members of the club enjoyed a Strawberry and Cream Tea with homemade scones and cakes. The Event was held in a large village hall in which everyone could be safely accommodated  All Covid-19  rules were obeyed - separate entrance and exits, masks were worn when walking around and copious amounts of hand sanitizer. They even had a team that  cleaned every table and chair before the party! Access to the kitchen wasn't allowed so they used their own tea urn, crockery and cutlery and even  took bottled water for the tea.

Following the Cream Tea they held an auction of 15 donated lots, baskets of goodies, with President Lyn as the auctioneer. They had circulated the auction lots to other local clubs and received bids from them as well as bids from family and friends.  Over £300 was raised for a local charity that organises singing groups for people with dementia....a great success  not only as a fund raising event but as a much needed social event involving  the club members.

We Meet Again ...

The District Executive finally managed to meet again at the Rockingham Forest Hotel for a brief meeting. This gave Past Chairman Suzanne a chance to present Pauline, our new Chairman, with her Official Collar.

....and Pauline reciprocated by presenting  Suzanne with a basket of flowers.

The Executive were all able to attend the meeting whcih gave us chance to have  a group photograph...distanced of course.

As well as having our first Face to face meeting which was very productive.

“Out with the Old and in with the New”

Wellingbrough Hatton said "Thank You" to Moy and Jan for being their Joint Presidents in 2019/2020.  The year started off well with the joint Macmillan Coffee Morning with our Mother Club Wellingborough and followed on with a very successful Macmillan Mammoth Quiz in February.  Then Covid-19 struck with Lockdown and no opportunities for meetings or fundraising events. Since Lockdown, Members have knitted or crocheted Twiddles Muffs and blankets. Sewers have made Scrubs Bags for Kettering hospital, masks for themselves and their families. Zoom Social Meetings and Business Meetings began and the Club Newsletter was started keeping members in touch. Individually, members have kept in contact with other members and elderly neighbours, helping out when they could.

On 20th July, Jan and Moy handed over via Zoom to Bernie and Sheila, the Joint Presidents for 2020/2021.  We send our good wishes to the new Presidents for a happy and successful year.


2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 News and Events.