District 7 Celebrates its 80th Anniversary

Dictrict Chairman Barbara  and members celebrated our 80th year on a beautiful sunny day with a service of celbration at St May's Church in Finedon.

The service was conducted by  Rev Richard Cole who spoke warmly about Inner Wheel and the impact it has on local communities and how valued the organisation is. Our Choir, lead by Gillian Bindley sang "What a Wonderful World" accompanied by Rev Cole on the piano. Visiting District  Chairmen and past District Chairmen from D6, D11 and D22 were also present.

We then made our way to Kettering Park Hotel for a lovely lunch followed Association Chairman Ann Acaster's address. Rotary District Governor, Tim Tucker, proudly wore the "I love Inner Wheel" badge given to him by past DC Pat Cole. 

2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 District 7 Celebrates its 80th Anniversary.