District Chairman 2020-21

Pauline Start

Well Ladies it is upon us, the new Inner Wheel year, the year I have the privilege to be your District 7 Chairman.

I must say it is not how I envisaged it even a few months ago. The Covid 19 Pandemic has certainly ‘put the cat amongst the pigeons’ as far as my proposed plans go! I must admit to begin with I had this huge sense of disappointment and anti-climax, the National Assembly at Stafford cancelled, the July District Meeting when I officially take over changed from our usual venue and format, my President’s Afternoon Tea  to be held in August postponed  ( I hope to hold it at the end of my year as a ‘Thank You’ to the Presidents and not a ‘welcome’)  my Rally in September cancelled and as I write this the fate of the Rotary Conference, where I represent you all, is unknown. Even the International Convention in Jaipur in March is in doubt.

I am sure you can imagine I had put a lot of thought into events during my year and here I am in limbo. However, after a period of self-pity, which really is not a good thing, I then pulled myself together and decided to think outside of the box as the saying goes.

I have decided that this is not going to be a half-hearted year but a ‘special’ year to be District Chairman as quite honestly there has not been one like it in the history of Inner Wheel. The years of W.W. 2 are the only time with which we can compare but even then you could see the enemy, people could meet as they wished and age was not a determining factor in risk.

Whilst we are having to Socially Distance (a term that once was strange but now quite normal) I won’t be attending club meetings around District 7 in person but I hope to ‘visit’ clubs on their booked date via ‘Zoom’.

My theme this year is ‘We wouldn’t be here without you’, by that I mean the members without whom Clubs, District, Association and ultimately International Inner Wheel would cease to exist.

My chosen  charity to support is ‘Target Ovarian Cancer U.K’.

When I make my visits, whether by road or ‘Zoom’, I want to hear from the members, their views and ideas.  It is not going to be an easy year as I think this Pandemic will have an effect on Inner Wheel but I will do my very best, as I think we all will, to meet the challenges in order to keep the ideals of our organisation alive as I feel that we all require Inner Wheel friendship and fellowship more than ever during these unprecedented times.

Anyway every cloud has a silver lining, my mileage expenses will be lower and I won’t need to buy as many new outfits!

Hopefully when this is all over, and it will be one day, I hope to continue with my planned visits and events, I even have thoughts about the cancelled Rally. 

Whatever happens I know that together we will have a ‘special’ year and emerge stronger than ever.

2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 District Chairman.