District Chairman 2019-20

Suzanne Robinson

Hello Everyone

Well here I am! My Chairman is training over and I have finally reached the pinnacle. I am nervous, excited and honoured to be your District Chairman for this coming year and I know that I will be following in the footsteps of decades of marvellous women and who have given so much to Inner Wheel. I will do my best to represent you and our District 7 throughout this year.

My intention for this year is to celebrate Inner Wheel and its members. To focus on the difference our organisation makes on local communities, Nationally and Internationally. To value what we achieve and acknowledge how many lives we touch through service, collection of goods and fundraising. Also to realise how much poorer communities would be without our input. Of course we achieve all of this whilst having fun.

I am sure you all have some great plans too and I am looking forward to learning all about them as I visit your clubs. I am interested to see the many ways our clubs run, each distinct but achieving the same goals.

I have already met many of you over the last couple of years and you have all welcomed me with friendship and encouragement, for which I am grateful.

 One of my tasks as District Chairman is to choose a charity to support. District 7 has supported many deserving charities over the years and this year I have chosen to support The Brain Tumour Charity. My decision, like others before me, is a personal one. In 2001 our son Daniel was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour and only 11 months later we lost him aged 26. During those 11 months Daniel still thought of others, which was his way. He started a “Blog” about his treatment, which included commentary, video and photographs to inform others and allay fears about treatment. 

The Brain Tumour Charity was in its infancy back then, it has come a long way since then helped by Tessa Jowell raising the issues sufferers were facing in Parliament, whilst herself suffering from a terminal diagnosis. New treatments are being developed constantly but they still need our support to improve outcomes and support patients and families. I know several of you in Inner Wheel have had experience of this dreadful disease and understand the devastation it causes. I hope that together we can make a difference.

2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 District Chairman.