District Chairman 2018-19

Barbara Rogers

My Inner Wheel Journey 


As I start my year as your District Chairman, I am very proud to be serving you, never forgetting that I am just a member of Inner Wheel, doing a very special job for a year.   I look forward to meeting you all as I visit your Clubs around the District and I extend my friendship to you ALL!
first learnt about Inner Wheel back in 2005 when my husband Barry was invited to join Rotary.  I attended social events with him and met members of Wellingborough Hatton Inner Wheel, who made me welcome and encouraged me to join them.

I was a little nervous at first, as I was just recovering from Breast Cancer and had no hair and was wearing a wig.  I was quickly made to feel comfortable and at home with the friendship and fellowship shown to me.  I realised then that I had found new friends and was inducted into the Club in December 2006.


It was whilst attending my first Inner Wheel Conference in Blackpool that I decided I wanted to progress in our wonderful organisation, so that I could help others less fortunate than myself and promote the Aims of Inner Wheel.

My first job was as Club Correspondent, which gave me an insight into the workings of Inner Wheel.  I volunteered to be 2ndVice President, then 1st Vice President and in 2009-2010, Ibecame President of my Club.  

My hand always seems to have a mind of its own and I find myself volunteering for jobs!  This is how I came to be District Editor from 2011-2014.  This was a wonderful opportunity to meet more members around the District and beyond finding out what other clubs were achieving and all the time having fun and making new friends.

In 2016 I became District 2nd Vice-Chairman, again that wandering had was prominent!  My journey had begun again….


My chosen charity for this year is Children with Cancer UK, of which you will hear more later.


For now, I leave you with this wish to have a wonderful year and keep on having fun

2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 District Chairman.