Member of Council

Barbara Rogers


I welcome you all to this new and challenging Inner Wheel Year following on from the very strange ending of the last one.

The Theme ‘Together We Can’ was chosen by IIW President Phyllis to inspire us to all work together in our Clubs and Districts and our Governing bodies so that we could achieve so much more and you have all demonstrated that during this last unprecedented Inner Wheel Year.

I sincerely hope that as things settle down that Inner Wheel will be able to meet again in Clubs and Districts to enable us to achieve our goals together with new and on-going projects in our communities.

In my new year as MOC I hope that we can work together to adopt and embrace the new changes and challenges ahead. With this in mind I wanted to let you know that I am at the other end of the telephone or email if I can be of any help.

This year IIW President Dr Bina Vyas' motto is ‘Lead the Change’

Together we can make our wonderful Inner Wheel greater than it was. It is our chance to ‘Lead the Change’

I look forward to meeting with you all through our virtual meetings until we are safe to meet up in person again.

Take Care ans Stay Safe



The Role of Member of Council

A Member of Council is on the Governing Body of the National Association of Inner Wheel Clubs and is part of the decision making process for Inner Wheel in Great Britain and Ireland and hopefully represents the views of the members, clubs and districts. I am responsible for passing information in both directions – to and from the Governing Body and to and from the clubs and their members. I attend 4 Council meetings in each IW year – the first one takes place at Leicester where we have our Association Assembly when Association officers and officials, Members of Council and District Officers and Officials from all over GB & I meet to learn about their role, submit new ideas, meet the new Association President and officers and do a bit of “team building” with their District Executive. The other three council meetings are held in London in October, January and May.

At the Association office we have an administrator in the form of Melanie Nicholls who works with her team there and you will find lots of information on the Association website






2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 Member of Council.