Charities Feedback

Mosquito nets have been delivered to Joytown Schools in Thika, Kenya

The nets were purchased and taken to the schools by the Salvation Army in Kenya. These will make a huge difference to the lives of the children living there.











Children from the School for the blind in Thika, Kenya collect their new mosquito nets from the Salvation Army.  

 Thank you to everyone who has donated money to help these vulnerable children. 

The Inner Wheel Club of Stamford Burghley sponsor a class of children from when they started school and they follow their progress and have reports sent by pupils and staff

The money they have raised over the years has gone to provide many teaching materials, books, computers, sports equipment and recently new toilets have been built .

The class below is Luansoke Upper Basic School in Ndola , Zambia




Great News!!

Morningside Pharmaceuticals has paid for an online system to help track the recycled products Inter Care sends to Africa. 130 Health units are supported by Inter Care in 6 African countries which collectively serve more than a million people!

The new system will help Inter Care's in-house recycling as well by replacing paper record keeping with digital records. Less paperwork means more space to store donated aid and less time looking through files










Pam gave Jane Walker from PCF 6 Kgs of ring pulls which District 7 ladies have kindly collected...a well deserved thank you to you all was given by Jane. She had an amazing range of goods for sale & is working on designs for clothes!


 Rebecca Smith from the charity Street Child would be happy to visit any club to give an update on the work they do. Find details on


Here is the latest update from Tilinanu. ( please click here for the full News Letter)



The girls have been such a busy bunch this year and we are so proud of them, andwe know you will be too. This year has been really important for so many reasons.


As you all know, after the tragic passing of the girls surrogate mother and our dear friend, Mercy Mkandawire, the girls have all needed an extra special amount of love and attention this year. We are happy to report the girls are all doing really well. Gift, (Mercy’s son and “Uncle Chawa” to the girls) and the rest of the Mkandawire family are doing an absolutely amazing job of caring for our Tilinanu family. We could not ask for a better role model for our angels, and we feel so lucky we get to see the real and lasting change Gift and people like yourselves make every single day.


We have been really happy to welcome EIGHT new girls into our Tilinanu family.These little ones come from some of the poorest regions of Malawi, where many of them were unable to attend school and rarely ate one good meal per day. Over the

last few months we have made every effort to make Tilinanu their home, and it’s been so fun getting to know all of them. It has been really heartwarming to see the older girls take our newbies under their wing. The little ones have settled in really well and there is a constant wave of giggling in the air when you approach Tilinanu.


As our older girls grow up and begin to take their first steps into the world, we have to say it’s also lovely to have fresh faces at Tilinanu, and an excuse to join in with their games!

You can read our Tilinanu Newsletter here. If you would like to sponsor one of the beautiful girls at Tilinanu please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We have also been very busy giving Tilinanu a good old spring clean! Tilinanu has had a nice fresh coat of paint, a new set of pans, new mosquito nets, blankets, the plantation of several moringa trees as well as a big dose of love and yearly maintenance.

That being said, it hasn't all been work work work! The girls have been been busy working with some of our amazing volunteers, learning new skills and having some much needed fun with the amazing Alice Gilbert and Lilly Thomas getting ready for Lake of Stars and learning some new songs. Bob Marley is definitely a firm favourite with all the girls now - Thank you Alice and Lilly!

Last but most certainly not least, we have some really wonderful news to report. In May, the girls were tested and we're so happy to say that every single one of them was tested NEGATIVE for HIV. There were huge smiles all round on that day!



 School in a bag

Some of the Schoolbags we have funded have been distributed to children in Romania. 528 Schoolbags & 540 hand knitted teddies went to 5 different schools. The children love them. In Romania there have been 510 children identified as being in need of a Schoolbag and are due to be dispatched from Somerset shortly.



 Intercare have sent thanks to Inner Wheel members for their support


 Wheelchair Foundation

Milton Frary, Trustee of the Foundation responded to the bar codes which I sent on your behalf. They have recently sent a container of 110 wheelchairs to Nambia sponsored solely by the bar codes and are well on the way for another delivery next year.

He thanked everyone for their generosity and continued support







district northampton west









Marie Wright from the Inner Wheel Club of Northampton West sent these photos of happy children receiving teddies & blankets at the Knysna Educare Centre in South Africa.









Dear Supporters,

As we enter into 2017, we feel it is important to reflect on 2016 and all our acheivements which would not have been possible without each and every one of YOU.


311,600 school meals for Purple Centers Foundation.

35 women in the UK in our Cross Border stitching and Prison programmes.

10 sewing machines for our new UK projects.

Support the education of 618 of our 779 students through our Child Sponsorship programme.

Provide a Christmas food parcel for all
779 of our school children.

Collect more ring pulls than ever.

For all of this and more we are so grateful and we wish you all a prosperous and fun filled New Year.  

We look forward to with your help continuing to spread the Purple Love this year.

Because as far as we concerned #TheFuturesBrightTheFutresPurple


Team Purple x







Pam visited the Purple Centre in Tondo, Manila 2 weeks ago. It's beside the old Smokey Mountain dumpsite. It was well worth the 26 hour journey to see the school and meet the staff and children that we in District 7 have supported .




The children were thriving being given breakfast and lunch. They are also given access to medical services and social protection. All stood when we entered the room and gave greetings in English which was much appreciated  








So far this year 6000 squares have been sent overseas and also hundreds of knitted toys.

Toys , baby clothes and blankets were delivered to Transylvania to maternity clinics. Blankets and twiddlemuffs were sent to homes for the elderly and homes for the elderly.

Boxes of jumpers, hats and scarves were given to Syrian refugees by Share Aid

Hats, scarves and gloves went to Calais for the refugees there

and 100 blankets were taken out to Milawi




2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 Charities Update.