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May 2013 

Dear Inner Wheel Friends,


Almost before you can blink, the conference is over! I do hope that the attendees will take back the messages from it to all the rest of the members. 

There was so much contribution to its success from you, the members. Everybody who had a part did it well and a great deal of work had been done by others back at home over the last few months to prepare it all. The teamwork showed up really well. Thank you very much and I hope that you feel keen and eager to take on another year of Inner Wheel activities. The needy certainly hope so.


There were four foreign visitors present, besides the IIW President, and they were very impressed by what GB&I achieve in each year. “Why don’t we see more of your work in the IIW magazine?” they wanted to know. The answer is that we do not send in contributions! Please do think about members around the world who would like to know what we do and how we do it. There’s nothing like a good action photo with very short interesting comments to stimulate others in their work. Don’t be shy – shout out about Inner Wheel.


The members present at Conference said that we were our own best PR people because we could do it by word of mouth. Let’s prove them right and get out there with our information, publicity and crowing. Remember to wear your badge and use the logo at every possible occasion. Be sure that the owners of the rooms which you use for functions are given information about you – not just a contact number or email address!




We were very lucky to have the Countess of Wessex to speak about Brainwave, which she did easily and with feeling. The charity presentation was excellent and it proved how much pleasure and life-changing success was being given to the clients who attend the centres. Please give generously in your support for them so that we can get that bus which will facilitate the provision of outreach work (besides giving us some publicity on the side)

I have received a letter from The Countess of Wessex’s lady-in-Waiting and I attach a scan of it for your information (click here) She obviously was impressed with us.





I look forward to hearing all about your spring and summer activities.

In friendship, Sheila

2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 A message from Association President Sheila Halliday-Pegg.