DC Pat on Tour

22nd June Blaby Summer lunch

The lunch was being held in Glynis Wright's lovely garden, gazebos, table and chairs were all laid out.  The weather was very uncertain so most of us decided tosit under covering.  We joined the members from the Leicester club and we were all soon laughing and chatting away.

Blaby members had prepared a delicious cold buffet with a wonderful selection of salads and then the sweets came out, we were spoilt for choice and all were so delicious.

The event was to raise funds for 'Riding for the Disabled' but for me it was a thoroughly enjoyable last event as District Chairman.

Thank you President Gillian and all members for looking after us all so well.

19th June, Bourne 25th Charter

Robin Brown and I attended the event being held at Toft County Hotel, this was a special day for Robin as she had charted the Bourne Club 25 years ago.

The Bourne Club is relatively small but has had a significant presence within our District and Assoication with three members Sheila Halliday Pegg, Margaret Sismey and Ernestine Wells being District Officers.  Sheila then going on to Assoication becoming Association Overseas Service Chairman and then Association President of which the club is very proud.

A delicious lunch followed by a entertaining speaker Margaret Harrison 'Monthly menu of Mirth'made for a very enjoyable afternoon.

Christine Bentley had made beautiful table cards, napkin holders and arranged the flowers on each tablethe room looked beautiful.

President Sheila thank you and all your members for making us so welcome.

13th June, Kettering Business Meeting

President Ann and I greeted members as they arrived at the Park Hotel, most had their umbrellas as it was raining really heavily. The club is the largest in the District and have done so well attracting new members.

The club had done a wonderful job of catering for the Summer Fete and had worked so  hard - it was lovely to be able to thank them.

The club have a busy social and fund raising calendar and members will soon be off to Sandringham for a day trip.

Thank you President Ann and all members for making me so welcome.

12th June, Wellingborough Hatton Charter

Harrowden Hall is a delightful venue. President Serena was waiting to greet myself and 3 members from St Ives. It was a lovely gathering of Inner Wheelers and Rotarians and soon the room was a 'buzz' of noise. After a delicious lunch our speaker arrived Joyce Boulos-Hanna a sprightly 85 year old still running her own vineyard 'Earls Baron Northampton Wine'

After down sizing and moving to this area Joyce wanted to keep herself occupied and with no training decided she wanted to grow her own grapes and make her own wine.  She was a very entertaining and interesting speaker.

9th June, Ashby de la Zouch BM

The club meet in a lovely pub in the centre of the town, members were sitting outside in the sunshine waiting to greet me. It was a delight to be present when President Melanie inducted 2 new members: Chris Whatmough and Kathleen Wass.

The Club has found their solution to members taking officer. The members are divided into 4 committees and each group take on different responsilbilites - so jobs are shared by all. This is another example of how flexible running club can be - it is so important that you do what suits your members.

Impressed how quickly AGM and BM was got through which left time to discuss social activities.

Thank you all for making me so wlecome.

 7th June, Market Harborough

It was with  much  sadness that I attended the last meeting of Market Harborough as they have decided to  close.  The club was charted in 1959 and since then the members have given so much support to our District, Rotary and the Community.  Their fund raising and goods have made so many peoples life better both here and overseas.

I hope that their friendship, fellowship  and support for each other continues and wish them all much happiness.

6th  June, Rushden Charter

President Jennifer and members welcomed us all warmly, the sun was shining and the room at the golf club looked inviting.  Jane Barnes with her talk on her life as a 'Farmers Wife' brought much laughter and was most entertaining.
Mollie Clifton and Ann Buckby kept us entertained with their Vote of thanks.

Many Rotarians were at the lunch and it is good to see our clubs working together so well.

18th May,Oadby Charter & BM.

Combining BM with charter worked well.  Members brought along a delcious supper and beautiful flowers were on all  the tables. President Sheila warmly welcomed us all.

Despite the charter being a club event the candles were lit and I thought it really nice that Florence Drage,  who had transferred with other Wigston members, lit the candle to the future. 

A busy BM followed and this is another very active club with lots of friendhip and fellowship between members.

16th May, Hinckley BM

I was delighted to be asked by President Sidonie to induct two new members; Jackie Jewkes and Gill Boothroyd but suggested they date their form 1st July! Sidonie had crocheted large badges for the ladies to wear until their IW ones arrive.

The club meet in The Green Room, a Masonic Lodge in Hinckley, which is a super venue.   The club encourage members to bring any small presents/items no longer needed to  sell and this is a steady fund raiser.

Recently the club had a wood carving session and I was delighted to be given a toadstall for my garden.

Another club full of friendship and fellowship.

9th May, Grantham BM

President Linda's experience in IW was apparent, the BM was so well organised with members giving reports on Conference and Holland.

Many members had just been on a weekend break to Norfolk with Rotary and photos showed that a good time was had by all. This is another of our clubs with very strong links to Rotary and both clubs support each other.

The club had been delighted when Pam Metcalf had been presented with a Paul Harris fellowship.

A really enjoyablel evening with a lot of friendship and fellowship.

7th May, Shepshed Charter

President Carole hosted the 68th Charter in her lovely garden, the club were joined by Coalville members and three guests. 

A glass of bubbly was followed by 'Lighting the Candles, and then an excellent flower demonstration. We then all enjoyed a delicious afternoon tea which the members had provided.

An informal afternoon which was enjoyed by all.

4th May, The Deepings BM

President Eileen is having a busy year as her husband is Rotary President.  The club has had a successful year recruiting new members and I was pleased to meet Sally their latest member.

For many years the club has helped children who have been affected by Chernobyl helping to entertain them and raise funds for when they visit.

A very easy to read newsletter keeps all members and visitorsinformed of what is happening.

Thank you all for making me so welcome.

  27th April, Sleaford Kesteven BM

This is a lively, busy club and I was delighted to be present as President Maureen welcomed Sally Mallinson who has transferred to our District and inducted Virginia O'Conner a new member.

The club were busy  organising a Clothes Show and are working closey with the local Grammar School on this event.

President Maureen and all members thank you for making Shirley and I so welcome.



20th April, Market Bosworth BM

The club is situated in a beautiful part of Leicester and it has been a real delight visiting the area.

Around half the members meet for a supper at The Royal Arms and then go to a private room where they are joined by other members.  Half way through the evening a coffee break gives time to talk to each other and circulate.

President Carol and all members made me feel very welcome.

18th April, St Neots BM

President Hazel and members that attended conference were all wearing their ceilidh outfits and sashes.   All of us that went to Glasgow had a fantastic time, interesting speakers, lots of friendship and fun.  President Hazel gave a comprehensive but brief report.  Congratulations to Sallie John for winning the golf 'Scratch' competition.

The club has every members involved in their committees and it certainly helps to make all members involved and sharing the work load.

Members all brought a plate of food along and we had a most enjoyable  supper.

Thank you Presiden Hazel and all members for making me so welcome.

5th April, The Wreake Valley, BM

Carol and i were warmly welcomeed by President Liz and the members.  Another small club, full of friendship and support for each other.   The club has photo abums which record details of the president and events a lovely way to remember and look back on the past.

Members were busy planning their visit to Glasgow and the club are really supporting this conference.   The IW scarf designed by Rosemary Jennings was on display and we will be able to purchase at conference.

 22nd March, Melton Mowbray Belvoir, BM

President Penny is a member of Inner Wheel and Rotary and it certainly benefits having someone belonging to both organisations. 

The club has strong links with the Pulford family and were a great help in giving me the facts for the Margaretta Golding award for Alice.  They were all delighted that our appplication had been successful.

Another small friendly and active club who have been successful in recruiting new members this year.


 21st March, Brackley BM

My visit to Brackley Club brought back many memories, the club now meet in a pub at a small village Hinton in the Hedges and President Diana was concerned I would find the Crewe Arms but I use to fly into Hinton airfield frequently and often visited the pub.
The highlight of my year will be the warmth of greetings from members it feels that you are meeting old friends and it was the same at Brackley.

Another small active club, combining social activities and fund raising. A trip to Stratford was one of the ideas being discussed.  Eunice Jones has got the club featured in the local Brackley paper and each month there will be details on how to contact the club.   Shortly the club will be having a stall  at a local event - to publicise IW and hope to get new members.

President Diana and all members, thank you  for a lovely evening.

 20th March, St Neots Charter

President Hazel, warmly welcomed us to their 66th Charter, being held at the local golf club.  Over the years the club has run very successful food fairs and bridge days often with their Rotary Club.

After a delicious lunch we were entertained by Linda Scoles who gave a humerous talk 'On the yanks are coming'

17th March, Market Bosworth Charter

I was delighted to join the members in celebrating their 35th Charter at Softley's Restaurant in the centre of Market Bosworth. President Carol gave us all lovely little boxes containing an IW chocolate.

The club were planning a walk finishing with tea when members not walking can join them. A small, friendly club with strong links to Rotary.

14th March, Towcester BM

A special night as President Jacqui Cook inducted Edna Troy their new member.  Edna has attended a number of club meetings and are all delighted that she has joined.  I am not surprised as this is a very friendly, relaxed club and makes everyone feel so welcome.

13/14th March D11 Rally

The pre rally supper was held at DC Alisson's home.  Assoication President Trish Douglas, members of the Exec and Alisson's club members were all soon talking and enjoying each others company.

At supper, which was delicious, we all  changed seats so we could talk to everyone.  Having the event at home makes for a relaxed and friendly evening.

D11 Rally

The venue was in the beautiful city of Winchester on a bright sunny day.  D11 includes the Channel Islands, Isle of Wight and all of Hampshire. Alisson and Trish's smiles greeted us all. Soon the room was filled with the 'buzz' of chatter and I could have been in D7.  Lovely day with lots of friendship.


11th March, Spalding Charter

Sunshine greeted us as we arrived at Spalding Gold Club which has superb views of the greens.

This was the Clubs 62nd Charter and this was the first time in all those years that it was held on the same day.

President Annie and all  members made us so welcome. Lunch was delicious, especially the pudding and then we were entertained by Jane Barnes 'Tales from a Farmer's Wife' which was so amusing.

8th March, St Ives BM

The club meets at lunch  time, in members homes, and enjoy a tasty ploughman's lunch.

The members have been so supportive this year I cannot thank them enough. It seemed strange being there as District Chairman but they all seemed to enjoy my talk and we shared laughter.

1st Marchm Corby BM

The Corby Club have been really successful in recruiting new members and they have integrated so well and play a really active part in the club.

President Georgina and members warmly welcomed Janet and I at the Masonic Lodge where the club meets.  Lovely venue and delicious food.

A really successful Bridge Tea had recently taken place and Georgina thanked all the members as everyone had been involved.  Later this month they will be holding their annual International Tea which is always a good event to attend.

23rd February, St Ives Charter

Bright sunshine greeted the visitors on their arrival at the Dolphin Hotel and the sun was shining on the river.  Over 90 members and guests celebrated the clubs 54th Charter.   As St Ives is on the boundary of District 7 we were delighted that we were joined by members from Letchworth IW and friends from Cambridge and Peterborough and especially those members from District 7.

President Carol and members warmly welcomed us all, lunch was delicious and the speaker took us through the 'Carry on' films.  The beautiful flowers were by Judith.

As with all charters it was lovely to hear the 'buzz' of conversation and watching members greet old friends and make new.

The club has been so supportive to me this year, so I am so pleased the Charter was celebrated and enjoyed by so many.

15th February, Leicester BM

The Club meet at Devonshire Place, which  is such a superb venue for both small and large meetings.

President Agnes and members made Val and I so welcome and lunch was delicious.  The club will be celebrating their 70th Charter in 2017 and are planning ahead.  Like many other clubs they are holding a coffee morning for Parkinson's UK our Association President's charity I think she will be surprised at the number of clubs support her.

Pam made need a wheelchair to get to  meeetings now but her enjoyment was obvious to all, as was the friendship and support of all members,

11th February, Huntingdon BM

The club meet at each others home and the hostess cooks supper.  Last night we were at Janet Talbot's home and enjoyed a delicous chicken casserole followed by pancakes or fruit and cream sponge with some members having both.

During the BM, which candidates to nominate for the IIW elections were keenly discussed. At their next meeting the members will be doing their Baby Bundles and Joy bags ready for the March DM. Some children are going to be delighted with the knitted toys made by Jenny Thilo.

President Marlene and members thank you all for a most enjoyable evening.

10th February, Rutland BM.

The club meet at Barnsdale Lodge, a hotel  near Rutland Water,the meeting was held in a private room and sun was streaming through the windows.

This year the club are taking it in turns to be President as Joan Wain passed away just before taking office.   In memory of Joan the club have asked Peterborough Hospital could they donate a painting for the Oncology Ward, permission has been given and members are hoping it will soon be in situ.

This was President Gloria's turn in the Chair and she was there to greet me.  Pat Munro was temporary secretary as Sue was on holiday. A potential new member
was there on her first visit to the club, Karen Butler had just moved to the area from Guernsey, and I hope she will visit again.

A busy week but when you are met with so much friendship it is very rewading.

9th February, The Nene Valley, BM

The meeting was held at Margaret Adams beautiful home.  Members organised a special lunch as I was visiting.   It was so delicious.

Diana Mair brought along her casserole in a 'Wonderbag' these originate from Africa and are made from brightly coloured material.  They work with both hot or cold food. 

A small club, which is socially active and members are obviously such good friends.  President Judith thank you and all your members for making Gill and I so welcome.



8th February, Kibworth & Fleckney BM

The club meet at the Golf Course which is an ideal venue for small meetings and for large functions.  The room has large windows which overlooks the greens and must be lovely on a spring or summer evening.

President Karan and all members made Carol and I so welcome.  Soon the room was filled with the 'buzz' of members as we all have lots to talk about. The Almoner's report demnstrated how they care and try to support members and their familes when ill.

This is another active club having organised a fashion show and shortly will be holding a coffee morning at President Karan's home

4th February Blaby & Blaby Meridian BM

Presidents Gillian and Gina together with their members made me feel so welcome.  The clubs decided to have a joint event to  help me with my travel and for their members to enjoy catching up with friends.   There was soon the IW 'buzz' of noise filling the room.

Blaby.  Had been busy over the last  few months helping to raise money for the local community with Toys on the Table and a Parkinson's coffee morning.  Liz Connelly is being an active Membership Officer and is talking to a number of ladies about IW and there is interest in attending meetings.  Heather St John has been busy knitting Teddies with their rucksacks.

Blaby Meridian.  This club is already running their meetings in a flexible way, that our Incoming Association President Zena, is suggesting.  Mary & Keith Woodley recently run a joint fund raiser for International. The club will soon be running a Table Top stall and it was good to see the Blaby members putting this info in their diaries.

 19th January, Coalville  BM

The club is small  but the smiles as we walked into the restaurant were huge - President Janice and members thank you for making Carol and I so welcome.

This club is doing things differently, Janice's name is in the directory but all members take turns doing the different roles.  Christine Norwell will be February's president.  Beth Elston told us how important IW was for her and how she is supported by the friendship.

Each members has a box for Wildlife Trust and at the end of the year, pennies will be counted and donated.  A novel and super way of supporting my charity.

14th January, The Deeping's 40th Charter

President Eileen warmly welcomed us all to the Toft Country House Hotel.  As it was their 40th Charter the flowers and napkins were all a lovely 'ruby' red.

Members were soon talking to old friends and the level of noise rose, indicating how much everyone was enjoying themselves. A delicious lunch followed by an an entertaining and fun talk on 'Norfolk Tales' was given by Peter Larke.

A delightful Charter were we were all made to feel so welcome.

 12th January, Northampton & Northampton West, BM

A joint meeting made the evening a social event for all. Terry Arnold, President of Northampton and joint Presidents Sara Clarke and Elizabeth McAteer of Northampton West made me feel very welcome. 

The clubs often have joint events and all members know each other well and this was reflected in the lovely buzz of conversation through out the evening.

Proceeds from the raffle were donated to my charity, Wildlife Trust which was very kind and thoughtful. I also won a prize.

Thank you all for making me so welcome.

11th January, Kettering Huxloe,BM

Another lovely wam welcome by President Helena and members.  The club has a number of younger members and it is a very vibrant club.  A colourful monthly 'Flyer' is emailed to all members and printed copiues for those that prefer this format, the flyer keeps all up-to-date with future events and photos of members enjoying past events.

A party night at Wickstead Park is on 13th February should be a fun evening, judging by all the bottles being donated for raffle hampers and the club holds monthly coffee mornings.

11th January, Rushden,BM

I was warmly greeted by President Jennifer and all members. Then introduced to a potential new member, the club already have two new members this year so they are doing really well.

This year they are holding a big event a Charity Auction for the Blind with Charlie Ross being the auctioneer.  The club have already got 10 super prizes, including a weekend break for 4 at a working farm in Devon and a visit to the Aston Martin factory.  They are now working hard to get sponsorship and publicity for the event.

A lovely lunch time meeting, with a very busy club.

I was delighted to present new member, Diane Brook with her badge.

5th January, Market Harborough, BM

A lovely start to 2016 with an enjoyable meeting with the club at the Angel Hotel, where they have a small private dining room.  President Gillian and members had been busy in December supporting the local community and Rotary.

The club is small in numbers but friendship and support for others is much in evidence.   Thank you all for making me so welcome.

 10th December, Spalding BM

The club venue was decked out with yellow and blue bunting and a table full of delicious food for the afternoon tea.

President Annie and members soon got through the business meeting and then Santa visited with presents for all members.   After a delicious afternoon tea the club holds an auction and this included any food that had not been eaten.  There was much laughter and some tight bidding on all the lots.

This is another club that works well with the local community and has lots of fun with their fund raising.  Thank you all for making Carol and I so welcome.

 18th November, Bedford BM

President Janet and members warmly greeted Shirley and myself.  The club have recently run a very successful 'Italian' evening to raise funds for Sight Concern.  They are now making decorations for their tree at the church, with their theme being musical notes. Margaret Walden showed us some equisite scissor cases that she is making to raise funds for International.

Many members entertained us with skits on 'ladies' which provided much laughter.

This is another very active club supporting members, community and international.



The history of the club is proudly presented.

 11th November, Blaby Toys on the table.

Once again, Blaby have run another very successful afternoon tea to provide toys for some of the 4,000 children in Leicestershire who are unlikely to have a present this year.

Members provide a scrumptious tea and instead of paying for the tea guests bring a toy.

A fascinating talk by Carl Vivian on finding the grave of  'King Richard' provoked much discussion

Margaret and Terry Watts are Trustees of 'Toys on the table' and work so hard to promote the charity and give so many children a much happier Christmas.

10th November, Loughborough BM

President Celia and members gave Carol Scott and myself a warm welcome.  Celia's daughter and three friends have recently joined the club and it was a pleasure to meet them.

A photo album is being compiled by Tena Smith as a record of Celia'a year and she is doing a beautiful job.

This is another club that is very active in their local area giving support where they can.  A drinks and nibbles evening for December at Celia's home, is being well supported by the club.  Her charity this year is Guide Dogs for the Blind.

9th November, Bourne BM

The club meet at the Wishing Well a delightful village pub. Robin Brown joined me on this visit and it brought back lots of lovely memories for her as she gave the club their Charter nearly 25 years ago.

Having just run a very successful Quiz night the club were focussing on the Christmas activities. Decorating a tree in the church, doing shoe boxes,  potting bulbs, for local people, to bring a smile.


 2nd November, Stamford BM

The club meet in the George Hotel, Stamford which is another super venue.  The club has a number of Presidents and this month it is Jill Plant.  I was warmly greeted by all members and from discussions it is obvious how much the club support each other and charities in the town.

1st November, Wellingborough Charter

President Lidia and her members made all guests so welcome at their 71st Charter held at Harrowden Hall.  Bright sunshine filled the lovely room and soon you heard the buzz of chatter and laughter.

The club has even stronger connections with its Rotary Club as Philip, Lidia's husband is President this year.

After a delicious lunch we were entertained by Gesa Beales as she talked of the scarcity of food in Germany after the way.

The beautiful flower displays had been done by club members.  The flowers were then given to club members who had worked sohard to make the day special.

27th October, Lutterworth BM

The club meets at The Greyhound Coaching Inn for lunch.  President Rose belongs to both Rotary and Inner Wheel and the clubs work closely together.  They also give a lot of support to the local community and are especially active around Christmas.   I was delighted to be introduced to two of their new members who were obviously enjoying themselves.

When visiting clubs I am greeted with so much warmth and friendship and June and I were made to feel so welcome.

26th October, The Soar Valley, BM

The BM started with a short Quiz about Queen Elizabeth, members were paired and it was a lovely start to the meeting.  Members are very involved and as well as the normal positions they have a Social, Charity and Community Chairperson and a Membership Officer. This is a busy and active club.  All present were given chocolates in lovely little boxes which had been made by Barbara Bond.

President Val and her members made Robin Brown and myself so welcome. 

 25th October, Sleaford Kesteven Charter.

President Maureen warmly welcomed all guests to the Clubs 20th Charter, the lunch was held at Branston Hall an elegant country house set in the most beautiful grounds.

Over 80 Inner Wheel and Rotarians attended and it was an afternoon filled with friendship.  We were superbly entertained by Jayne Darling who dresses in 1940's style and sings wartime songs, she soon had the audience singing with her.

 21st October, Thrapston & Raunds BM

A birthday evening and an abundance of knickers

It was President Margaret's birthday so the meeting started with us all singing our greetings. The club had 2 extra guests as Jean Callaghan and Brenice Willmott are visiting clubs in their area to build more social contact.

Another lovely evening, with a well run BM. Alice Sharland had asked all members to buy some knickers for the Tilanu Orphanage and the club had responded with true IW spirit.

Another enjoyable evening.

19th October, Leicester Charter

Devonshire House is a lovely venue and President Agnes and her fellow members greeted us all warmly.  Two of the Leicester club have been members for over 50 years Margaret Savage and Ursula Keene and Mary Fulford will join this exclusive club next June.

Debbie Hutchinson, Melton Mowbray Belvoir entertained us all with her talk 'Turning 60 in Style' which left us all very envious.

Another IW event full of friendship and laughter.

  16th October, Grantham Charter

President Linda and members made all guests so welcome. With three Rotary Club at Grantham there was a lovely mix of IW and Rotary.

The event was held at the Belton Park Golf Club and the room looked splendid with flowers and candles.  The men wore DJs and the ladies looked splendid in their finery.

The club has just recruited two new members and it was lovely to welcome them both to Inner Wheel.

We were entertained by 'Well Versed' who brought lots of laughter to the event.  A lovely evening, thank you members of  Grantham IW.


 15th October, Stamford Burghley, BM

President Sonia and members gave us a warm welcome, there was a vibrancy and lots of chatter and laughter in the room.  This is another club that have a healthy mix of social and fund raising events and work closely with their Rotary Club.

The club have recently welcomed back two members that had left IW as well as recruiting two new members.

13th October, Towcester Charter

Towcester may be a small club but it is a lively and modern  working closely with Rotary and the local community. There was a lovely atmosphere as members and rotarians joined together to celebrate the clubs 16th birthday.  Present were 5 founder members Patricia, Anne, Val, June and Mary.

Among the guests were retired members and Joan told me how she loved being invited.   She was aged 2 when Margarette Golding founded IW and had been a very active member of the Stockport club for many years.

Congratulations to President Jacqui and her team for such an enjoyable evening.

 11th October, The Soar Valley, Charter

The club meets at The Quorn Grange Hotel, which is another lovely venue. Members and Rotarians enjoyed a delicious sunday lunch and then were captivated by a talk given by Chris Hill, Leicestershire Wildlife Trust Conservation officer on Cossington Meadow Nature Reserve.
He has been involved with the Project from Day 1 and his work includes encouragement of the flora and fauna, planting of reed beds, plus management of a few cattle and Exmoor ponies to help graze the land.

He will be taking members of the club for a walk around Cossington Meadows in May.  The club presented his with a cheque from the proceeds of the raffle - which he was delighted with.


6th October, Lutterworth Wycliffe BM

I arrived for tea at Lynn Wood's home and I was so surprised at what a talented artist Lynn is with her painting and pottery. We then made our way to The Greyhound Hotel where the club meets in a lovely private meeting room.

Another very busy club, interacting with the local community and with their local IW and Rotary clubs.  Once again, I was made to feel very welcome by all members


5th October.  Shepshed BM

We have all heard of a Scarecrow Festival but Shepshed celebrates a 'Sheep' Festival.  Members will be promoting IW with a superb wooden sheep which would be surrounded by the faces made at the meeting.

The club meets for coffee at the Church Hall and they also meet regularly for meals out and visits. I was warmly welcomed and EnidSmith, who is a very  lively 90+, told me how important the club was for her.


 4th October, Semi Circle lunch

All members without husbands or partners are invited to Sunday lunch at The Wisteria Hotel, Oakham.    We meet roughly every 6 weeks.   Friendship is in abdunance and it is good way to meet other members. For more details contact Barbara Southeran or Elsbeth James at the Blaby Club.

3rd October, Kettering 80th Charter

The room looked beautiful and 120 of us were there to Celebrate with the Club members.

Association President Trish, 1st Vice President Zena and District Governor Geoff were all present.  We were all delighted that Ass.Past President Pam Forsyth and past District Treasurer Joan Hope were both well enough to attend.

Soon the room was filled with a lovely buzz of members enjoying themselves


1st October, Jessie McGibbin Golf Tournament.

Photo.   Jill Plant presenting the Trophy to Sue Bellingall

The 14 golfers t'd off in brilliant sunshine at the Luffenham Heath Golf Club.  The event had been well organised by Jill Plant, Stamford IW, and last year's winner.

 As I joined the golfers towards the end of the day, it was obvious that they were all having an enjoyable time albeit a bit challenging at times.  They all had a good day's golf and it did not matter that some did better than others.

After the golf, we all sat down for a delicious supper.   Then it was time for Jill to announce the winner. 

Which this year was Sue Bellingall, Rutland IW. Many congratulations Sue and i noticed on the cup that you have been successful before.

If you are a golfer, do think about having a GO next year.

 28th September, BM at Sandy

Jill Harvey and i arrived at what we thought was the Anchor Inn at Gt Barford but Sat Nav was wrong and we arrived at a private club for 'Swingers'. So there was much laughter when we got to the right location.

The Sandy Club has had a really hard couple of months, loosing two loved members, but they have three potential new members and it was really good to visit the club and witness their enthusiasm.


25-27th September.   Rotary Conference

Blue skies and sunshine greeted us as we arrived in Bournemouth.  District Governor Geoff Blurton and his team went out of their way to make us feel welcome and were there helping me with my presentation and putting up our stand.  This conference was really good, some brilliant speakers but I will always remember the welcome and friendship that was given to Ann Buckby and myself.

My  presentation was well received, I spoke about how much we did for charity, how we need to raise awareness of IW and how both our organisations would be stronger if we worked together.

23rd September, MacMillan Coffee morning.

In memory of Jen Laycock founder member of the Sandy Club, the club carried on her tradition of holding a MacMillan coffee morning.  Members and friends had a enjoyable morning at the home of President Jenny.

21st September, Wellingborough BM

Melanie Sadler and myself were warmly welcomed by President Lidia and all the members.

We had a very interesting talk on the work of the Samaritans and the number of phone calls they receive is quite staggering and demonstrates how much they are needed in the community.  

The meeting had a full agenda as the club is holding a Quiz night soon, socially the members meet for their walking groups, theatre trips and book club.

I was delighted to meet Peggy Hooton as she has a Margarette Golding Award.

Thank you all, for an enjoyable evening


 18th September, District 6 Rally.

District 6 has fewer clubs than our District but the members were just as welcoming.  District 6 Chairman, Maureen Buxton has chosen to support Birmingham Children's Hospital Oncology Ward and we were given a heart tugging presentation by one of the Hospital's young fund raising team.

Trish and Maureen both wearing delightful fuschia pink dresses, patiently waiting for us all to get organised for photo shoot.


 14th September, Wellingborough Hatton Business Meeting

My first business meeting, was held in the stately rooms of Wellingborough Golf Club. President Serena and all members made me feel very welcome.  The BM went smoothly with all of the officers giving consise reports, a copy of the agenda and copy of the previous months minutes were given to me which really helped.

The club is very active with numerous social as well as fund raising activities. A most enjoyable evening.

11th September, Association President Trish

Trish has requested no presents and as she is travelling so much this month flowers would not be appropriate.  So District 7 will make a donation to Parkinsons UK.  However, we presented her with a Buddleia, which Zena will look after and when her busy year is over we hope that when the butterflies visit, she will have fond memories of our District Rally.


10th September, District 7 Rally at Greetham Valley

184 members attended the Rally, the sun shone, lunch was delicious and staff could not have been more helpful.  Association President Trish and Rotary District Governor Geoff Blurton gave inspirational and positive talks and it was so good to see everyone having a good time.

We were also pleased to welcome Alisson Smith District 11 Chairman, Di Sardarsi, District 22 Chairman together with PDCs from District  22.

I would like to thank all the clubs that brought along their pop-up posters , they made our photos more interesting and made a nice back-drop to the room.

Thank you all for making the day so enjoyable for Trish and myself.

9th September

St Ives members meet Association President Trish.  An informal evening and judging by the noise and laughter enjoyed by all.




4th September, Huntingdon Autumn Supper

A relaxing, informal evening to raise funds for EACH and Magpas. A lovely atmosphere with Rotarians and Inner Wheelers enjoying themselves.

 President Marlene Garner and Past President Judy Bell


2nd September, Kettering celebrates 80 years

The club celebrated its actual birthday with a coffee morning at the home of Helen Lamford and members were invited to wear hats that were special to them. There was an interesting and colourful range including Ann Bannister wearing her school beret.

I was delighted to be invited and present the Club with its 80th year Certificate.

Tartan for Glasgow - please let me know how many club members will be requiring TARTAN for Glasgow conference


President's Tea Party - 30th July

The weather was not kind, so 24 ladies were packed like sardines in my dining room.  Judging by the noise an enjoyable afternoon was had by all.



District Meeting 23rd July.

Thank you all for your support and friendship. It was lovely to see so many of you enjoying yourselves.


Wellingborough Hatton receiving the Inter Club Sports Trophy


Members enjoying the day






5thJuly International Tea, with Kettering Huxlow

Members putting on my chain of office

Relaxing in Rosi Greenhall's lovely garden


Exec relaxing after a heavy day at Leicester Assembly. 

Exec gone for some R&R!
2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 DC Pat on Tour .