Anton DuBeke – Visit to District 7

26th May 2011



On the 26th May 2011 Anton DuBeke, star of Strictly Come Cancing, came to Inner Wheel District 7. 160 people gathered at the Puma Hinckley Island Hotel to meet him, have lunch, get an opportunity, maybe, to dance with him and altogether have a great time. And that is exactly what happened.


The event was a jointly organised fundraising opportunity for the WNAA & DLRAA. The regional Air Ambulance is the District Chairman’s charity for the year and the opportunity arose to stage this event which was enthusiastically supported by members in District 7.


Anton arrived at the Hotel without fanfare, was taken to a meeting room where I was introduced to him and we had a preliminary chat. He was charming, very friendly and ready to join the group. But, to put the glamour of showbusiness into perspective, we then proceeded out of a back door, across the car park, up the fire escape at the back of the hotel, to appear as if by magic at the top of the stairs above the gathered crowd. I introduced Anton from above and he proceeded down the stairs and the show started. The Ladies were charmed, chatted to, hugged and kissed and I had the first dance with him. Everybody gathered round and had the opportunity to meet Anton, take photographs and have a chat. He was then whisked away to spend time in another room with the VIP ticket holders. By all accounts they had a fabulous 40minutes with him.

After a delicious lunch, Anton spent another hour or so answering questions from the audience about his life, Strictly come Dancing, Ann Widdecombe and other topics. He was amusing and charming throughout and then, finally, it was time to draw a ticket for the opportunity to dance with him.


The lucky, if reluctant, lady was the envy of the whole room and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. After drawing the Raffle, Anton spent time chatting to people who crowded around him, signed autographs, posed for pictures and was altogether the toast of the day. He finally left more than an hour after this allotted time, having given everyone an opportunity to speak with him. Anton proved to be a very charming man who brought a smile to all our faces that day. I felt that it was huge success and want to thank you all for supporting me at this wonderful event.


Elsbeth James

District Chairman




























If you would like a copy of any or all of the photographs taken on the day then please contact Carolyn Duncan  (Lutterworth Wycliffe )

2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 Anton DuBeke – Visit to District 7.