Club Meeting Date: On the third Monday of the month

Club Meeting Time: 7.00pm 
Club Meeting Place: The Rose & Crown, Charlton 
Number of Members: 14

About the club:

The Inner Wheel Club of Brackley received its charter in 1993.

Brackley has a long and interesting history and was first mentioned in the Domesday Book.  In medieval times it was famous for tournaments, it featured in the preliminaries leading up to the granting of the Magna Carter and in 1260 the town was given its Charter.


Club Officers for 2019/20

President                      Jenny Isles

Secretary                      Jenny Isles

Minutes Secretary         Eunice Jones

Treasurer                       Pam Jeffs

Club Correspondent      Eunice Jones

Past President               Eunice Jones

Overseas                      Jean Butterfield

Social Secretary         Diana Cliff

Committee Member   Jenny Liddicot

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2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 Brackley.