Club Meeting Date: On the third Tuesday of the month

(except July and August)

Club Meeting Time12.00 - 12.30pm

Club Meeting PlaceHermitage Park Hotel Coalville

Number of Members: 14

About the club:

     The Inner Wheel Club of Coalville received its charter in 1945.

The town adopted its name in 1824 from the coal mining industry which is how it started life.      

     Coalville is situated on the edge of the National Forest and visitors can enjoy many walks at Sence Valley Forest Park, just a mile from the centre of Coalville.


We always have a slow start to the Inner Wheel year  as we like to spend time with our families.  This year  has been even slower with the lovely summer we are having, however, we did manage to hold an Afternoon Tea in a members garden in August to start off our year. 
















Our October meeting took on an

Autumn theme with members

decorating the room. Money

was raised selling Jams, fruit

and honey









Inner Wheel year 2017/2018

The new format of running our club has been very successful with more ladies actively helping to run the workings of the club. This year we have moved to a new meeting venue. Although La Torre restaurant has served us well over the past three years  we needed to find a venue with more space to accommodate speakers and demonstrations during the year, so we are now at the Hermitage Park Hotel in the centre of Coalville. The change has greatly improved our space and we are looking forward to our craft morning in December making Christmas Wreaths.
Plans are also underway for decorating the Christmas Grotto at the Coalville Library where we will also be holding a book stall.  Father Christmas will be in attendence as will our local radio station so hopefully we will beable to give Inner Wheel a plug again this year.
The finished grotto........
Our crafting morning was very successful with everyone making a lovely wreath as the photo's show.  Now some of us just have to add some colourful decoration when we get home.
Our January meeting at the Hermitage was attended by our District Chairman Jean Callaghan who told us of her life in Inner Wheel.

Jean was presented with a cheque for
her charity 'Debra'.
Also in January we celebrated Inner Wheel Day with an Afternoon Tea at a member's home.  Later the toiletries we collect through the year were taken to the Coalville Hospital.
We have supported various charities this year - Alziemers, Loros, Purple Foundation and Link Aid with our Christmas shoeboxes.  We have also visited clubs though the District to Afternoon Teas, Lunches, Charters, Rallies, District meetings, Association Conference in Bournemouth and Convention in Australia.
We did not have our own Charter this year but we did hold an Afternoon Tea to celebrate the Royal wedding.  Our speaker spoke about Royal Protocol and managed to turn one of our own members into a Princess for the afternoon.
Inner Wheel year 2016/17
So far we have visited the Centry Theatre in Coalville for their tour and talk.  This was a very intresting afternoon as this Theatre has had a very remarkable history operating as a travelling Theatre.  It was amazing to see how it all just folded up - seats and all.  Well worth a visit for clubs looking for something different.  Contact details on their website.
century theatre


The Coplow Centre    9th November 2016

Around 140 people attended the Oadby Inner Wheel Tea at the Coplow Centre on the 9th November2016.

It was a very pleasant afternoon and the Oadby Club members provided us with an excellent tea.

The speaker was the Rev Richard Coles who entertained us for about an hour with an articulate talk about his journey from childhood to pop star with the Communards to becoming parish priest at Finedon in Northamptonshire.  He then took questions from the audience.

Kay McDermott


In December we held our Christmas lunch at the Gelsmore Restuarant in Coleorton where we enjoyed a very delicious Christmas Fare.
    Also in December we created the Christmas Grotto at the Coalville Library and then Santa came along to bring some Christmas Cheer.  Local school choirs performed and Radio Hermitage were recording from the library during the morning.  We had a stall at this event selling goods or should I say we tried to sell goods for the Purple Community Fund.  Visitors were very interested in the items we were selling (recycled from the ring pulls we collect all year) and were also very interested when we told them about the charity and the work they do however when they saw the price of the items they made a hast retreat - they were a tad expensive.  Still we managed to raise some funds for this charity, not as much as we had hoped but we were able to give them a very good plug when we were interviewed live on the radio.  
   At the end of the day it was time to dismantle the grotto and take our own trees and trimmings home to then put them up again in our own homes - a womans work is never done!  
A very Happy New Year Everyone
Christine Norwell and Vivienne Dyer took the November meeting and at the end of the evening they gave each member a plant pot, a small bag of compost and a daffodil bulb with instructions to grow the daffodil and then bring it along to the March meeting to show the results.  The picture below shows the results - a success by everyone which is surprising as I put mine in the garage and then forgot about it.  What a hardy little thing it was and grew all by itself!!
Also in March we took part in the sponsered walk around East Midlands Airport with other clubs from D7 and D22 for the Association Charity of the year 'BEAT' wearing our 'silly socks'.  It was an awful day weather wise and it rained the whole way round but we still managed to enjoy the day with plenty of fun and laughter - the soup and roll were very welcome at the end of the walk!
Two members of the club went to the Conference at Nottingham in April.  This was a fabulous event and Association President Zena was superb as we knew she would be.  The speakers, VIP's and the charity presentations were excellent and the entertainment on Tuesday evening performed by the Classic Buskers was brilliant - very entertaining!  Wednesday evening we let our hair down at the Prizm nightclub.  Sporting our sunflowers we danced the night away, I even think the DJ was well impressed by how much stamina we gereatrics had!!
Well we did take a breather now and again!
Three days before conference a few of us joined members from D22 for the Lace Walk at Nottingham.  D22 were asked by the conference committee not to put their names down for the guided walks at conference as places were limited and living in the area they could do the walks anytime.  They were more than happy to oblige and decided to do the walk pre conference and we joined them to make up the numbers.  This meant of course that we were the first to meet ROBIN HOOD and what a dish he was!  His guided tour was excellent, he was very knowledgeable on the subject but what made it was his performance.  A very educational and entertaining tour.
Robin with his Maid Marions of the day!
We didn't have a Charter in May so we booked an afternoon tea at Melbourne Hall Tearooms instead, however we did ask District Chairman Dorothy to join us and were very pleased she was able to come.
Where's Dorothy, Oh she's hiding at the back!
An excellent District Chairman who puts the members first!
2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 Coalville.