Club Meeting Date: On the second Monday of the month

Club Meeting Time: 6.30 for 6.45pm

Club Meeting Place: Belton Park Golf Club, Grantham

Number of Members: 27

About the Club:

The Inner Wheel Club of Grantham received its charter in 1962.

Grantham’s most famous son is Sir Isaac Newton who was born in nearby Woolsthorpe-by-Colsterworth on Christmas Day in 1642.  He was educated at the King’s School in Grantham before going on to Cambridge University and his theory of gravity is thought to have come from the observation of an apple falling from a tree in the grounds of his home, the Manor House at Woolsthorpe.

Mention should also be made of one of Grantham's most famous daughters Baroness Thatcher of Kesteven. Born Margaret Roberts above a grocer's shop in the town, she was educated at Huntingtower Road School and Kesteven & Grantham Girls' School, before going up to Oxford to study chemistry. She became the first research chemist ever to become Prime Minister (and the first woman to hold that appointment). The first woman police officer, Edith Smith, was also a Granthamian.

Officers and Committee Members 2019-2020

Presidents - Linda Burr Pam Kalbassi Delia Hearmon Kathleen Holmes

Vice President

Past President - Margaret Graham

Honorary Secretary - Pam Metcalf

Honorary Treasurer - Veronica Phillips

Minutes Secretary - Ruth Lynsey

Club Correspondent - Jill Turner

Community Service - Kathy Klingels

Health and Safety - Margaret Bentley

International Service - Janice Charity

If you would like to contact our club please use the Contact Us Tab above making sure you mark it FAO the President of Grantham



July 8th - Changeover

September 9th - Speaker Glenys Robertson

'Disability Games'

October 7th - Paul Taylor


November 11th - Ruth Crook

'A Pioneering Grantham Woman'
December 9th - Christmas Party


January 13th 2020 - Inner Wheel Day Work and Lunch

at Pam Kalbassi's home, start time 12pm

February 11th 2020 - Partners and Friends

March 9th 2020 - Speaker on 'Scams'

April 6th 2020 - Election of Officers

May 12th 2020 District Chairman's visit

June 8th 2020 - AGM

July 13th 2020 - Changeover


Other Events


July 11th District meeting at Corby

July 22nd  Coffee Morning at President Linda's home

September 12th District Rally at Greetham Valley

September 21st - 24th  Rotary District Conference in Southport

October 13th  I W Club of Grantham Charter

November 14th District Meeting at Corby

November 25th Coffee Morning at President Pam's home 11am

December 14th Rotary Club of Grantham President's Christmas Party



January 5th Rotary Club of Grantham Burn's Night

February 5th Rotary Club of Grantham Kesteven Charter

February 7th -9th Rotary Club of Grantham Swimarathon

February 19th Coffee Morning at President Delia's home

March 12th District Meeting Corby

March 11th Rotary Club of Grantham Kesteven - 'Children of Courage Lunch'

April 8th - 10th Association Conference in Belfast

April 23rd Rotary Club of Grantham Charter Dinner

May 15th District International Rally


July District meeting at Corby



Changeover Meeting July 2019




Inner Wheel Club of Grantham


The Presidents

The Four Seasons July 2019

Linda Burr, Pam Kalbassi, Delia Hearmon, Kathleen Holmes


Coffee Morning July 23rd



Linda held the first of four coffee mornings in July, at her home for the Four Seasons' chosen charity supporting Alzheimer's Disease  . We enjoyed a chatty morning with her daughter-in- law's delicious and locally renowned homemade cakes. Two members, Jo and Mavis simply couldn't wait to read their new inner Wheel magazines! Our thanks to Linda and David for their hospitality.

September Club Meeting

President Glenys Robertson of the Rotary Club of Grantham talked to us about Rotary District 1070 Disability Games


Rotary District 1070 Disability Games

For the last two years these games have been held at Stamford Endowed Schools.

This year Glenys as Health and Safety Officer for the first time was very apprehensive when she found  that the games would include shooting and archery, some of the competitors being without sight! Glenys assured us that all the competitors could shoot and aim more accurately than she could hope to do - incredible!

Fund-raising events and Sponsors back the games financially with the Endowed Schools giving the use of their facilities for free. St John Ambulance give First Aid Cover.  Waitrose provided 250 picnic lunches and water.

Professionals supported the 250 competitors who also receive a shirt and a medal with trophies for the winners.

There was a wonderful atmosphere and the enthusiasm infectious with lots of hugs and happiness the day long.

The organisers go home exhausted  but satisfied in the knowledge that so many young and older competitors have been given a chance to  participate in new experiences.

Gyenys' enthusiasm for the Disability Games was very obvious throughout her talk.

Thank you Glenys for sharing your experiences with us.


Charter Lunch October 13th 2019


President Linda with VIPs


President Linda With husband David


Speaker David George with

his host for the day IW Grantham Member Ron Phillips.

After a very peasant lunch David gave a lighthearted laugh-a-minute

talk 'A Merry Heart is Like Medicine'.

Every one of us was lifted by this dose of tonic


November 11th Presidential Changeover and Monthly Meeting



President Linda hands over to President Pam