Club Meeting Date: Second Monday of the month

(no meeting in August)

Club Meeting Time: 12.15pm

Club Meeting Place: Kettering Park Hotel

Number of Members: 43

About the club:

The Inner Wheel Club of Kettering was chartered in 1935 and is the oldest club in District 7.

Kettering is well known for Wicksteed Park which covers 100 acres. The land was purchased by Charles Wicksteed to create a pleasure park for the local people. Many of the traditional roundabouts have gone but in their place are more sophisticated rides.


 Committee for 2020/2021


President                  Lesley Johnson/ Pat Smith

Vice President            

Secretary                  Ann Buckby                     

Treasurer                  Vicki Reed

Asst Treasurer    


Correspondent          Gill Wooding


If you would like to contact our club please use the Contact Us Tab above making sure you mark it FAO the President of Ketttering


2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 Kettering.