Kettering Huxloe

Club Meeting Date: On the second Monday of the month

Club Meeting Time: 7pm

Club Meeting Place: Kettering Park Hotel

Number of Members: 40

About the Club:

The Inner Wheel Club of Kettering Huxloe was chartered in 1987.

Northamptonshire is known as the ‘County of Squires and Spires’ and Kettering has a fine example of a spire standing 178 feet plus high made of two distinct colours of Barnack stone.  The church, built in the fifteenth century, was restored in the nineteenth century and in 1979 the bells increased to twelve.

President :                  Liz Frost

Vice President:           Helen Williams

2nd Vice President:    Helen Linden

Secretary:                   Audrey Neale

Treasurer:                  Thi Thu Nguyen

IS Organiser:             June Burrows

Correspondent:         Sue Kellett

Minute Sec:               Thelma Lacy

Past President:         Barbara Cross OBE

Committee:               Helena Walters, Halina Watson, Hilary Winfield, Julie                                                  Cruickshank, Hazel Britton





















2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 Kettering Huxloe.