Club Meeting Date: On the first Monday of the month (except August)

Club Meeting Time: 12 noon

Club Meeting Place: Venezia Pizzeria, 28-30 Church Street Rushden NN10 9YT 

Number of Members: 22


 About the Club:

The Club was chartered in 1947. Rushden is set in the county of Northamptonshire, the county of spires and squires with a long tradition of shoemaking and leather industries. The author HE Bates was a Rushden born man.


2020 -  2021  Committee

President                      Jean Callaghan

Vice President               Gill Allen

Secretary                        Gill Allen 

Treasurer                       Kathy Franklin

International                 Lin Hearbert . Supporting Shellter Box.

Correspondent              Bettina Curson

Club Almoner                Rosemay MacKness



Presidents Charity.      Its My Life Choir.   




If you would like to contact our club please use the Contact Us Tab above making sure you mark it FAO the President of Rushden


2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 Rushden.