Club Meeting Date: On the fourth Monday of the month

Club Meeting Time: 7.15 for 7.30pm but during November January, February we meet at 12 noon

Club Meeting Place: The Green Man, Stanford

Number of Members:14 

About the Club:

The Inner Wheel Club of Sandy meets on the fourth Monday of the month at The Green Man, Stanford.   This lively club was chartered in 1982 and currently has 15 members.

Sandy has an interesting history which goes beyond Roman and Anglo Saxon times.   An archaeological dig in May 2006 revealed that the town’s ancestors may date back further than 250BC.   There was a Roman Settlement and Sandy was probably an important trading centre and staging post.   An ancient hill fort, now heavily wooded and known as ‘Caesar’s Camp’ overlooks the town.

Mentioned in the Doomsday book where it is referred to as ‘Sandeia’  - a derivation from the Old English ‘Sandieg’ which means sand-island.

Sandy is probably best known today as the headquarters of the RSPB.   The Society moved to The Lodge in 1961.   This mansion and grounds was originally built in 1870 for Viscount Peel, fifth son of Sir Robert Peel, the founder of the Police force.

In earlier times, Sandy was noted as a centre of agriculture and horticulture but latterly there has been a shift in employment towards light industry.

Sandy has been twinned with the town of Malaunay in France since 1982.


Club Officers for 2020-21


President: Carol Leggatt

Secretary: Jenny Codrington

If you would like to contact our club please use the Contact Us Tab above making sure you mark it FAO the President of Sandy


2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 Sandy.