St Ives

Club Meeting Date: On the second Tuesday of the month

Club Meeting Time: lunch at 12.30 and the meeting at 2.00pm

Club Meeting Place: In  members homes.

Number of Members: 22

St Ives

In St Ives there is a fifteenth century stone bridge which spans the Great Ouse and was dedicated to St Leger in 1426. There is also a chapel in the town which was once used as a private house and a public house known as the ‘Little Hell’.  In 1928 the chapel was bought by George Day and presented to the town where still to this day some religious services are held.

Many years ago St Ives was a river-port and had a thriving market mostly dealing with cattle. The market is still there on Mondays and Fridays.   The town has grown considerably over the last decade with many people working in Cambridge. The town now has a Guided Bus going from St Ives with stops at key villages until it reaches Cambridge Town Center or Addenbrooke's Hospital.

The Club

The Club was chartered in 1962. Its 22 members enjoy great friendship and do like having fun.  They are keen to 'Make a difference' to those in need both locally and overseas, giving personal and doing enjoyable fund raising activities. The club has strong links with St Ives Rotary Club.

 A June outing

Day of our outing Monday 3rd June 16.00pm

We met at Hartford Marina in preparation for our trip up the river on The Ladybird. The weather was wonderful so weren’t we lucky. Off the boat went as we sailed towards Brampton. The ducks, geese and heron were out in full force, some with their little ones. Through the lock, on a bit further and then a turn around back to Godmanchester where we were collecting fish and chips. A safe return back to the Marina after indulging with the fish and chips. Then goodbyes all round with kind words to crew and a “let’s do that again next year!”

20th June Coffee Morning at the home of Deirdre and John Burgess

Again a very warm sunny day. A lovely array of “bring and buy” items, lots of scarves, an immense collection of books, homemade cakes and a large raffle. Thank you ladies for your donations, help and purchases. A great amount raised for the charities which included Home Farm Trust and M.S.A.

 May 2019

Well the day for our monthly meeting dawned bright and sunny. On arrival at the home of this months hostess we found chairs and tables already set out in the garden as she had decided we should make the most of the weather. One menber had pre-empted her and had arrived with a very interesting sunhat which folded to carry in your handbag. you could, if you wished, partially open it and use it as a fan, but enough of that.  Our speaker, John McAngus, Assistant Receiver General, was going to give a talk on Westminster Abbey. He told us of how his job came about and what he spent his time doing. He was surprised one day to be told he was going to meet the BOSS, Little did he know that it was the Queen who would be there accompanying the Dean. A very interesting afternoon thanks to John who now likes to spend his time quietly fishing.

March 2019

Well its monthly meeting today, Tuesday 12th March and what a day it was. On the journey to the house of todays host, Margaret Alford, the skies decided to open and all the bath water was emptied in one big downpour. Arrived at the house, had lunch (thank you Margaret) which was followed by a talk given by Samantha Pavey on MSA. This is a little known illness as it is not discovered very early due to the fact that it is disguised by symptons of other illnesses. The picture below shows Samantha with out President, Gill Knight. Also another picture of some of our members waiting for the talk. Afterwards the monthly meeting took place and we discussed various topics over future events and who should receive donations from us.


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2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 St Ives.