Another new Inner Wheel year begins...

The new Inner Wheel year got off to a good start with the first District meeting of the year. Immediate Past District Chairman Dorothy (IPDC) handed over the chain of office to Jean Callaghan from the Rushden Club. Jean introduced Murdock her knitted companion for her trips around the District.

Fantasic Success at the Conference ..Well Done

Rosemary Jennings’ ideas for President Zena’s Conference tombola stall worked well and looked so inviting, with prizes in all shades of yellow. The “Outdoors” theme gave Inner Wheel members lots of scope from plastic ducks to large cuddly toys, bird boxes and feeders, garden tools and lots of seeds were just some of the prizes.

A rota had been prepared with hourly slots for our District 7 volunteers but with the stall being inundated with prizes from other Districts and queues to have ‘a go’ it was all hands needed.

The stall opened for business Monday afternoon and when sessions were finished at 3.30pm on the Tuesday we were sold out. Around 1100 prizes had been donated, and raised a magnificent sum of £2,257 for B-eat.

Thank you to all who donated prizes and a HUGE thank you to our volunteers we could not have done it without you.

Pat Cole (St Ives)  Association Chairman Zena (Stamford)  Rosemary Jennings (The Wreake Valley)

Inner Wheel Day Celebrations

St Neot's Ladies enjoying Afternoon Tea and friendship at Croxton Garden Centre on Inner Wheel Day.

Chocolate Stop on the Yellow Brick Road.

DC Dorothy takes District Officers along a very chocolatey road. It got quite messy but look what we achieved. 

Congratulations at the November District Meeting

Congratuations were given at the District meeting to the winners of the Inter Club games. The final game was between St Neots and Loughborough and after an evening of table skittles and Jenga St Neots were the victors.  District Chairman Dorothy presented the trophy to  St Neots President Sherry Carter.

Contratualtions also went to Sue Bellingall from the Rultand club upon winning the Jessie McKibbon Golf trophy.

The trophy was presented by Margriet Hughes ( left) President of the Kettering Club.  Past District Chairman , Jessie McKibbon was a member of the Kettering Club and the Golf Competition is held in her memory.

2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 News and Events.