Getting Ready for Conference 2016

This is the Tartan we will be using for District 7 at the Conference. We are hoping to get a District 7 woven badghe made so that a Rosette can be made  to wear too. The Rosette / woven badge as seen in the photo can be used for all District 7 Events not just the Confernce.  Please  let District Secretary Carolyn know how many lengths of Tartan your club will require  for Conference and how many badges you will need. Don't forget  you dont need to be going to conference to have a District 7 badge. The prices for the badges will be announced at the District meeting 

Jessie McGibbin Golf Trophy

The Jessie McGibbin Trophy presented to Sue again at the DM in October.

The 14 golfers set off in brilliant sunshine at the Luffenham Heath Golf Club.  The event had been well organised by Jill Plant, Stamford IW, and last year's winner.

DC Pat joined the golfers towards the end of the day and she said it was obvious that they had all  enjoyed a  good day's golf and it did not matter that some did better than others.

After the golf, everyone sat down for a delicious supper after which the winner was announced which was  Sue Bellingall of Rutland IW.

Many congratulations  go to Sue. 

If you are a golfer, do think about having a GO next year.



Jill Plant presenting the Trophy to Sue Bellingall

District Rally 2015

The Rally on September 10th was full of happiness and friendship. In fact District Chairman Pat  used a a new word that suitable described the day .... Full of Funship !!!  

Association President Trish Douglas and Rotary 1070 District  Govenor Geoff Blurton gave inspirational and postive addresses. 

A lovely day was had by all  to (see more photos click  Rally 2015 in the News and Events  section above)


Inner Wheel Patron for 2015-16

Sian Lloyd ( News Presenter  ) becomes Inner Wheel Patron 


Sian Lloyd is a Welsh television news presenter, currently working for BBC News as their Midlands Correspondent.



Inter-Club Games Winners 2015

Congrtulations - Wellingborough Hatton 

After a closly fought final in the Club -Intergames Competition the holders of the trophy  lost out to Wellingborough Hatton.

Next year the Copmetition will continue but  will have a slightly different format as many clubs have indicated that playing thorough the winter months is not ideal.

2012 Inner Wheel Distict 7 News and Events.