District Rally 2015

The Rally on September 10th was full of happiness and friendship. In fact District Chairman Pat  used a a new word that suitable described the day .... Full of Funship !!!  

Association President Trish Douglas and Rotary 1070 District  Govenor Geoff Blurton gave inspirational and postive addresses. 

A lovely day was had by all  to (see more photos click  Rally 2015 in the News and Events  section above)


Inner Wheel Patron for 2015-16

Sian Lloyd ( News Presenter  ) becomes Inner Wheel Patron 


Sian Lloyd is a Welsh television news presenter, currently working for BBC News as their Midlands Correspondent.



Inter-Club Games Winners 2015

Congrtulations - Wellingborough Hatton 

After a closly fought final in the Club -Intergames Competition the holders of the trophy  lost out to Wellingborough Hatton.

Next year the Copmetition will continue but  will have a slightly different format as many clubs have indicated that playing thorough the winter months is not ideal.

Alice Wins ....


Winner of Britains Best Volunteer

Alice Pulford  founder of the Tilinanu Orphanage was  short-listed for Britain's Best Volunteer and with your help and support  she has won.

 On hearing she had won the award, Alice said:

“My sister Nina, and I, believe that to make positive and lasting change you need to take the time to work and listen to communities and build development together. The work that we are doing is not easy – and there is no quick fix. We are continuously working to generate change, and to build our support network.

We are so shocked but grateful for the acknowledgement and love that has been shown for our efforts with this award. The endless love and support from our family, friends, community, local schools and, of course, our wonderful volunteers has enabled us to contribute positive change within the lives of so many hundreds of children, adults and communities in Malawi. Our dedication to this cause is lifelong. We want to share the opportunities that we have been lucky enough to receive in our life to help others less fortunate. Our motto is: we are love, we are grass roots, we believe in positive sustainable change.”


The BIG Dinner

Inner Wheel members are being asked  to support  the Charity 500 Miles by taking part in the BIG Dinner on March 7th 2015.

The BIG dinner is a 500 miles initiative to raise £500,000 in a single night to help people with mobility difficulties in Malawi and Zambia to live independent lives. 500 miles provides artificial limbs and braces for people with disabilities of the limbs and spine.  Olivia Giles, the founder  of the charity suffered quadruple amputation when, at 36, she caught  meningococcal septicaemia. Olivia  was one of the  inspirational speakers  had  at Conference in 2012.

If your Club or you as an individual would like to  contribute towards the 500 Miles  Charity by holding some  sort of dinner or meal event  on or around the 7th of March 2015 please do so. You can find all the details on the 500 miles BIG Dinner website (Click here) . If you want to register to take part in the Event  you can but equally you can just take part and   send any donation towards the event.

Cheques to be made payable to 500 Miles and send to:

Olivia Giles, 500 miles, Box 500, 44-46 Morningside Road, Edinburgh EH10 4BF


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